Day 123: Keto Woman

  Well today wasn't the most fun of days. I had to go to the orthodontist this morning to get my brace for my mouth. It's no fun at all. It sits above my teeth, instead of being around them. Since I have TMJ/TMD this will, hopefully, correct that issue and determine whether or not I need to get braces again. I have several issues that were caused from my braces when I was younger and it appears that now they are causing problems. 

  While this is not super fun, it is something that is most likely quite necessary. If I don't fix this issue, it could cause more problems down the road. I am hoping that this will solve the problem. I sound like a five year old. I can't seem to say rs. Sometimes I can actually get together a sentence. Not exactly the best thing when part of my job is answering phones. Guess it's a good thing that it's a three day weekend so I'll have more time to adjust.

  Now for some great news! I'm super excited to announce that I will be on the Keto Woman Podcast! I was extremely honored to be counted as one of the extraordinary women for the show. My co-extraordinary woman on the show and I now have a Facebook Page we are getting going: 2 Keto Newbies! Please check it out and feel free to follow if it's something interests you.

  I may have stopped at two places to bring ice cream home for the weekend. Sure, we probably indulge a bit more than most, but we are super careful otherwise. I don't feel bad about it. We don't make keto treats to snack on daily. We still hit under 20 net carbs even with eating it. I'm being defensive. There's no reason to be. We do keto our way and everyone should be able to do it their way. Sadly, on the second stop they didn't have exactly what I was looking for, but I found an alternative. 

  Halo Top isn't the most perfect keto ice cream. Rebel Creamery is much more keto friendly. They just don't have as many flavor options at this current moment. Don't feel bad if you treat yourself to something not fully keto. Stay with what works for you. Won't work for everyone. I look forward to my treats. 

  I look forward to relaxing this weekend and getting to spending some quality time with my boyfriend. We do spend time together, but we always seem to be running around. We would love to have some more time than just a short evening to relax with each other. It will be super nice.

  Keep calm and keto on folks.

Days 121 & 122: Ahead of Time

  This weekend is a holiday weekend coming up. I refuse to go grocery shopping or any kind of shopping on a holiday weekend. It's way too crazy with all the sales going on. So, last night and this morning we picked out recipes to make this weekend. We are picking recipes from a different book this time. I'm excited to make them.

  Last night we did some errands as well. We needed some items from Bed, Bath and Beyond, including a squatty potty, which I was super excited about! They had some protein bars that work with keto and we decided to pick up some to try. We tried the cookie version today and liked it pretty well.

  We stopped at the pet store as well because my fish tank is broken. Don't worry there was no fish in it. It was leaking and I was also having a hard time getting the pH balance right in the tank. We found a good one on sale. It's also about 2 gallons large, which may help the fish. Can't wait to set it up and get a new fish fish!

  Tonight was the grocery stores. It was first stop at Costco. Not very many items to pick up, but bacon was on the list. I filled up my tank while we there as well. From there I had to pick up a prescription. We stopped at a different pet store as the previous one didn't have the rocks we wanted and a cheaper thermometer. 

  Then it was the grocery store. We had a short list and were able to get in and out quickly. Then we came home to make another breakfast frittata and relax. We decided to make it with chorizo this time. Smells yummy! Now to get some rest for tomorrow.

Day 120: Moving Forward

  This week I lost 0.4lbs and for the first time ever my boyfriend gained a pound. We did eat out more than normal last week and as he was taking antibiotics, which required that he eat dinner. We typically only eat dinner once or twice a week. We just need to make sure that we keep it at a minimum. It clearly throws off our balance. I think that may also be why he was having difficulty sleeping. 

  Today was a busy day at work. I think it's ramping up as we get close to the holidays and yes, I know we aren't close. I think it may just be a ramp up from SDCC up until the holidays. I enjoy being busy. It's kind of nice to look up and not realize where the time has gone. I wasn't super hungry at work, but by the time I got home I was pretty hungry and the feeling just got stronger.

  We decided to walk down to the poke place by the apartment. They had kale noodles as an option that we wanted to check out. Turns out they were made with flour, so we went with salad instead. They had excellent explanation of the ingredients that we could choose, which made us feel better about the options. 

  We had the poke salad for dinner and may have had some Halo Top ice cream to finish it off. We tried the chocolate covered banana. So delicious! I think it's the best flavor we've tried. I'm not sure that we can start a pint of ice cream and not finish it. I'm not complaining. We do treat ourselves and not very often. We are doing excellent with our goals and are loving the life that we are living. 

  Now it's time to relax and get ready for tomorrow.

Days 115-119: Catching Up

  Some days there really isn't much to talk about. I go through my day and eat my keto food and that's about the only thing to say. Thursday, I had requested the day off and had put all my doctors and orthodontist appointments in one day. Since pretty much all of the appointments are done during the week, I have to take time off. I figured the easiest way to take the least amount of time off is to do them all in one day!

  Well, the orthodontist wasn't super fun. Turns out what I had been complaining about to my prior dentist about my jaw is completely correct. I am going to be wearing a lower guard for 4 months to fix the jaw problems as well as being followed by 18 months of Invisalign braces. Super fun for me. Especially with the cost. Yay budgeting. 

  I was doing overtime last week. I usually don't turn away the opportunity to do more work. I enjoy my job and want to help out. Plus, who doesn't like a little extra cash to use on fun activities? I was pretty dead by the time the end of the week rolls around. I needed rest and was slightly relived when our Saturday shift was called off since our team was so awesome!

  Saturday morning, we went and did shopping for my boyfriend's grandma. Then we went to his mom's to pick up some mail and headed back home to get ready to head to King's Night at the LA Dodgers. I like baseball, but I wouldn't call myself a huge fan. I prefer watching games live than on TV. My boyfriend and I had never been to a baseball game together until that night. We went with two other couples. It was awesome having a triple date night.

  He bought these specific tickets to end up with the Kings Dodger jerseys that were the giveaways. We ended up walking away with two jerseys. We had Chipotle before we were picked up to head to the game. We weren't sure exactly what food choices would be at the stadium so we wanted to make sure we had some food in our system. 

  We did end up getting a bacon wrapped Dodger dogs. It worked out pretty well. The lights ended up going out in the stadium. It was a pretty crazy experience. We got to sleep in this morning. It was a nice experience. My boyfriend brought me breakfast in bed. It's very nice when he does that. And he does that most weekends. He takes such good care of me. He's wonderful. 

  He had to go to work today for inventory, which meant it's one of our first weekend days apart in a bit of time. I'm not super happy about this, but work is work. I had something this morning that I will reveal soon, but it was a super awesome experience and I can't wait to share details!

  I spent the rest of my day adulting. I went to the grocery store to get the few ingredients we needed for meal prep. I figured that since he was going to be gone, that I might as well try and do some meal prep and clean. I cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen. Then I did meal prep for the week. I made a frittata for our breakfast, creamy shrimp scampi with zoodles and beef stroganoff and cauliflower rice. 

  We have a fully stoked fridge. I feel accomplished and I am ready to get some rest. Bring on the week!

Day 114: Stress Management

  Today I went to work early today to help out with the work that is piling up. Our team does an excellent job, but we are only human. I stayed later to help as well. All this approved by the boss, of course. Didn't manage to have a break until my lunch. Wasn't really hungry until then as I was kept so busy. I fueled up at lunch and that got me through the day. 

  There were some stressful interactions today. It made me want some ice cream to relax. I am very grateful that the grocery store that carries Rebel Creamery is close to work and not close to our house. That would be dangerous. I don't recommend necessarily eating a pint at a time, as I've said before; however, I do share with my boyfriend and it's net 6g carb per pint. So I only really ate 3g of those. Seems fair.

  I need to find some new ways for stress management. I need to start working out. I think we are going to attempt to do some 30 day challenges starting September 1, 2018. We are both ready to work out more and just need to make time for it in our lives. I think we are going to make a bigger effort to make it happen.

  Keep calm and keto on folks.

Days 112 & 113: Sushi Sunday & Manic Monday

  Yesterday was quite the day. We had our home visit from GreySave Greyhound Adoptions. As I've mentioned several times, I've been volunteering for them for years. The ladies are very diligent about making sure everything is safe your pet. I highly respect that. They do an absolutely incredible job of matching prospective adopters with the hound that's right for them.

  The visit went great! We are still working out exactly our schedule and making sure that we can offer a wonderful home for a wonderful hound. After the visit, we loaded up my car and headed to my mom's. We were doing a family dinner there. 

  My mom and brother were getting back from the mountains with my aunt (mom's sister). It was partially to celebrate her birthday and the other part for family time. I just so happened to ask if I could bring our laundry along. Hey, saving money is saving money.

  It turned into a Sushi Sunday with a cheese platter to start. I brought over the Rebel Creamery Vanilla ice cream. It was a hit! I have been requested to purchase some on my next stop and bring it over to them. Not a problem! Just have to make sure that we don't eat it all first!

  Sushi isn't really that hard to do keto. We ordered a sashimi plate and a cucumber roll. We split them both and with the combo of the cheese we were totally full. We typically don't eat at night, but we make exceptions. Typically on weekends any form of tracking goes out the window. It has been working just fine and we stay totally keto, so I'm not going to stress.

  Monday is weigh in day. I know a lot of keto folk say ditch the scale, but I use it as a tool and no longer use it to define who I am. I want to know what's going on. I want to know my body fat percentage and lean muscle mass. I want to increase one of those numbers and decrease the other. I think the more you know the better so long as you don't let it control you.

  I lost 1.6lbs in this last week and my boyfriend lost 2lbs. I am going to recalculate our macros tonight and readjust as I've lost about 1% body fat and he's down quite a bit, so we want to make sure we adjusting accordingly.

  Work has been busy, busy, busy. I love it even if it can be a little trying at times. Looking up and seeing that all of the sudden it's 5pm and you're not show how it happened, is a good day to me. I love the environment I'm in and the people I work with. It makes for a great mix especially when things are stressful.

  Came home to find my boyfriend was making a frittata to help us with the rest of the week. It's so much easier just being able to heat up breakfast. It makes things so much smoother and less stressful. Usually I'm the one trying to get out the door. Still haven't quite mastered the consistency in the morning thing. 

  Well now it's off to calculate macros, get to bed early and start it all over again tomorrow!

Days 110 & 111: Power of Keto

  Friday was a very busy day at work. I was kept fueled and it was fantastic. I was very happy to get home and relax. On the way home, I decided to stop by Lassen's and pick up Rebel Creamery Ice Cream. They are a Keto ice cream company based out of Utah. I heard about them first on 2 Keto Dudes Podcast and then in more depth on the Keto Woman podcast.

  They currently have 5 flavors out: chocolate, vanilla, mint chip, peanut butter fudge and cookie dough. I walked away with 4 of the 5. I do love chocolate but more often than not when I think of ice cream I think of something flavored, so I really wanted to try the flavors first. The vanilla I plan to take to my parent's tomorrow.

  I love that on the pint there's a statement about the power of keto. I really wish this company the best of luck in spreading this incredible ice cream around. We started with the peanut butter fudge flavor. It was heaven on a spoon. Think it may have even tasted better than regular ice cream. Plus it's 100% keto!

  We only meant to eat a bit and next thing you know the pint was gone! No big deal, it's net 7g carbs for the pint and we almost always have carbs to spare! Now, I don't necessarily recommend eating a pint at a time, but it shouldn't break your carb allotment bank if you do. And if you share with a loved one, then that's only half those carbs!

  I have to admit this morning I was a bit nervous. I am currently working on adding more tattoos to my collection. The plan is to have two half-sleeves. I would love to have them by the end of the year, but that's probably ambitious as one of them is a Harry Potter design and I need to reread the books to make sure it's accurate and exactly what I want.

  I have found an incredible tattoo artist who I plan to have do the rest of my work. I recommend you check her out on Instagram at sanae_kawaii. This was my first tattoo since going keto. I wasn't sure how well my body would handle it in this new fat burning routine. For some reference, most times when I have tattoos I feel a bit light headed and in the past I would have a soda or a candy bar or something high in sugar.

  This time I couldn't. I had my nice yummy keto breakfast of bulletproof coffee and our frittata. Delicious! I took a chia pudding with me and ate that 30 mins before and brought some electrolyte water. I  had a minute where I thought something might happen, but nothing did. It seems that fueling with fat even helps with sitting through a tattoo. Too bad that it can't take the pain away. 

  I felt much better after and not so drained. We were able to run some errands before heading home to relax. We do make an effort to do some relaxing on the weekend as we don't want all our time taken up with errands and other necessary, but time constraining things. Now it's time to do some more relaxing to get ready for more necessities tomorrow!

  I love this keto kind of life.

Days 107-109: Change It Up

  Some days I don't necessarily feel like writing. Some nights relaxation is important. It's why there are sometimes lapses in my daily posts.

  I'm sure I shouldn't be surprised that there's a lot of work going on right now at work. It is work after all. It should be noted, however, that I'm not complaining. I like being busy. It's good. I would much rather have a lot more to get through than a lot less. I'm not a fan of having to find things to do, but I can do it if it's necessary.

  I don't think I mentioned our scale changes in the prior post. I made it under 170lbs this week. I'm now 169.4lbs. Losing 1.4lbs in the prior week. My boyfriend lost close to another 3lbs and he's about to be under 200 shortly. I'm getting curious about my protein intake. I seem to be losing a little muscle mass, which I shouldn't really be doing. It could be that I worked out one week and not the other. 

  Protein is heavily debated in the keto world. We are currently at 1.5g of protein per kg of body mass. In the next week I may try recalculating my protein macro a little bit lower. I don't think the change in muscle mass has anything to do with too little protein as even when my level was higher in the beginning (wasn't paying attention to macro calculations) the same thing happened. I think to really test it I also need to increase my activity level as well.

  Yesterday I started getting some headaches and muscle aches which I haven't had in quite some time. I'm not 100% sure why that is. My best guess would be that since we were offered overtime at work for the remainder of the week (Wednesday - Friday), I haven't been sleeping as well as I was before. I know that sleep can affect a lot, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

  Last night I made Blackberry Chia Pudding. It's the best chia pudding that I've done so far. I think I'm going to use that recipe as the base for all others going forward. The food processor seems to work really well in mixing everything together and getting the pudding to really set in the fridge. I think the one ingredient that doesn't need to get doubled is the liquid stevia. It doesn't taste quite perfect and I think that may be the culprit. Now the real test will be if my boyfriend tastes the coconut since I used coconut milk this time.

  If he does, no big deal, we can adjust. I can make his with almond milk or try that out as well. The reason for the coconut milk is the fat content. I don't think it tastes like coconut, but I'm not sure how he'll feel about it. Time will tell. Maybe he'll forget the ingredients and eat it and be happy.

  This week we started testing out MCT oil in our coffee instead of coconut oil. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against coconut or coconut oil. It's just that we were curious if there would be a taste difference with the coffee. We both prefer the taste with MCT oil. We both feel you can really taste the coffee better. I'm now more willing to try a dark roast once more, which he prefers. He has also removed the cinnamon from his coffee. I would be curious to try the same and see how I like it. He says he's able to taste the coffee and vanilla flavor much better.

  Cinnamon was put in the coffee because it's excellent at regulating blood sugar. I'm not sure we necessarily need it for that purpose any more. I would like to try it without and perhaps a little less and see if that makes a difference. I think that with a dark roast I may prefer it because the flavor tends to be slightly more bitter.

  I'm loving the having breakfast already made. It makes getting out the door less stressful in the morning. As I'm writing this, he's currently making up our next frittata. This time we are adding some mushrooms in the mix! I took the beef stroganoff we made with our Instant Pot with some cauliflower rice today. It was delicious. The Instant Pot makes the meat so tender. I can't wait to pick our next week fo recipes!

  Now it's time to relax and get some rest to get ready for Friday! Keep calm and keto on folks.

Day 106: Walk About

  Today was a busy day at work. Mostly uneventful, but I enjoy being busy. It's so nice to have a job where when it's a Monday I'm actually looking forward to going to work and not dreading it. It helps relieve a lot of stress associated with work. 

  I came home and we decided we wanted to take a walk. His old roommates had some of our things that got mixed in with theirs. Nothing major, but there were some spices and tea, etc. They even found my Avenger's Half Marathon Mug that I couldn't find anywhere! That was exciting for me.

  Our walk about took us around 4 miles or so. I hit my 10k steps today! We walked to PetSmart and took a look at some puppy stuff. I snagged a thermometer to put on the outside of the fish tank to monitor temperature. We are testing to see what the temperature is like without the heater and whether or not it's too hot with it.

  Sadly, Arthur passed away shortly after getting him. We aren't really sure why, but again we are changing up the tank a bit. I bought a new tank decoration and this time I'm letting the set up water cycle for longer to prepare the tank for a new fish. I think we may try getting a female betta this time. It has been a while since I've had a female. 

  After Petsmart, we walked over to the roommate's new place. It's very nice. We sat down and chit chatted. We got our things and then decided to head on home. Currently there is a frittata in the oven. My boyfriend is going to have some earlier mornings coming up as he's helping prepare his store for inventory. It's going to be easier to have something to heat up in the microwave than worrying about trying to get everything cooked and ready in the morning.

  I'm excited to see how it turns out. We are also going to try reading more at bedtime to prepare for sleep and less watching TV. There are so many good things with both want to read. I am currently reading The Salt Fix by Dr. James DiNicolantonio. It's really fascinating. I check my books out digitally or in hard copy from my local library. I do own a Kindle, but I don't necessarily want to pay for everything. This is a great solution. In fact, with my local library, I can download the books onto my kindle if I want! 

  Listening to all the different women's stories on The Keto Woman podcast is just so fascinating. I feel that so many of these issues aren't talked about enough for women's health and want to commend both Daisy and the 2 Keto Dudes for putting together this incredible podcast. I can't wait to keep listening to hear and learn more.

  This keto kind of life suits me. 

Day 105: Prep Work

  Well today we learned, as we knew, but apparently needed to be reminded that Costco on a Sunday is not a good idea. I went to brunch with my sister and sister-in law. It was delicious. Think I found a great keto option. I started feeling a bit wiped out so I'm wondering if some sneaky carbs got in.

  I didn't really get a chance to think about it since we had errands to do! First, we finally went and traded our PS3 in! We also grabbed some new games to play. From there, we went over to Costco. We almost always have a list when we go in because otherwise we could wander around for quite some time. We had picked our our meals already and knew exactly what we needed to get.

  Some items we don't get at Costco simply because we don't go through it fast enough and sometimes they don't have things we need. We had to stop at both Ralph's and Sprouts to get the remainder of the ingredients. 

  The meat we bought at Costco will last us quite some time. The ground beef was 4.5lbs and the beef stew meat was over 5lbs. We divided them into bags of 1lb, set out what we needed and then froze the rest. If the bags weren't 1lb, we grabbed a sharpie and wrote on them so we know. While people might think it's a lot, it's probably going to last us a month or so.

  We're going to be cooking through several of the cookbooks we have and I'm really excited about it. It has been hinted at that I may like to collect cookbooks. He would be correct. I may have added several to our wish list. I'm totally happy to add books to wish list and use the ones I have. 

  We made both an Instant Pot recipe and a non-Instant Pot recipe. The Instant Pot makes prep so easy. We made six days worth of meals. The Instant Pot recipe was Beef Stroganoff and the other was Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole. The serving size for the casserole in the book was for 4. It was a very high calorie base. There's nothing wrong with that at all, however, we enjoy our breakfast and bulletproof coffee, so we just changed the proportions. 

  You need to make keto work for you. We are eating two meals for the entirety of the week. We eat the same breakfast every day. We maybe switch up the meat with breakfast: bacon or sausage. We are going to try MCT Oil in our coffee instead of coconut oil. We are going to see if that tastes better.

  It's my turn to pick the type of coffee and we are going with Chocolate Caramel Brownie coffee. I'm a flavored coffee person. The dark roast is often too bitter for me. He likes darker, unflavored coffees better, but we trade off. We are hoping to find a good balance and find the right coffee we both agree on. We drink through all the coffee, but most of the time, one of us likes it better than the other. 

  We are still a team and figure it all out together. We each picked out a recipe for this week and while I did do the cooking this week, he portioned out the meals. It's about working together. Our kitchen doesn't really let us both be in there cooking at the same time, but we take turns and make it work. There's never a point where either of us think that one is doing more than the other. If we feel that way, we usually ask to help the other.

  Now to start the week! Keep calm and keto on folks!

Days 102 - 104: Fun Times

  Thursday night was a later night as I had a meeting after work. It was a pretty uneventful. Friday, we had some girls out of the office and it was a bit of a difficult day, but one easily recovered from. My worst day at this job has yet to come close to touching my worst day working in retail and a grocery store.

  Friday night we knew we had a busy morning before heading to a picnic Saturday early afternoon. We weren't sure what would be at the picnic keto food wise, so we made a Carlshead Pizza! We totally forgot about using a sauce so it was olive oil! It made the net carbs go down over all and gave it a very cheesy taste, which is not a bad thing!

  This morning was running around a bit crazy. I had a dentist appointment and we had to grab chairs to use for the picnic. Of course we left our coffee at home, but we did have time to come back and grab them. After the dentist, we headed to go pick up an x-pen to prepare for when we add a pupper to our life.

  We diligently plan for most things. I'm a little bit more meticulous, but that doesn't mean he's not. He just knows that I have to make the plan for everything and he 100% helps. We are 1010% a team. We just process things differently, but the differences help us see all angles and make sure that we solve the problem to where both of us are satisfied. It's so incredible to be in a relationship where its a true partnership.

  Tomorrow will mostly be spent at home organizing and cleaning. We need to make a Costco run. We have our list and we planned out our meals. Now it's time to shop and cook! Today at the picnic was so much fun! Looking forward to a bit of a calmer day tomorrow.

Days 100 &101: Looking Back On First 100 Days

  I can't believe that we've been doing keto for 101 days now. In the last 100 days, I've lost 13.7lbs. My boyfriend has lost 40lbs. We've learned quite a lot. We don't waste as much food we used to. We eat so many delicious things.

  That doesn't even count the NSVs we've experienced (non-scale victories). My brain is sharper and processing faster. That isn't necessarily a fun thing at 8am Saturday morning when I would like to sleep in. My jaw pain is gone. My boyfriend's pant, belt and watch size has gone done. For the first time in a long time, he wears just a t-shirt out instead of layers. I'm having similar successes with my clothing. 

  We enjoy cooking together and do our best to prep together. I think that it has helped us grow as a couple since we've done this entire process together as a team. I wouldn't be able to do this so successfully if I didn't have him supporting me. He lets me go crazy on the planning and tracking and he still does things the best way for him. He's not as meticulous as I can be and I don't ask him to be. We wouldn't work if we didn't do it the way that worked best for us to keep us a team.

  Although, he has said I need to wait on getting more keto cookbooks. Apparently, I am supposed to use them or something and collecting cookbooks is not a hobby. We will see about that! :)

  Things, for me, have been fairly stressful the last few days. I don't really crave anything, but I felt like ice cream. Sure, it was emotional eating, but I stayed under my net carbs even with having the ice cream. Halo Top is delicious and an excellent keto treat. I don't plan on making it a habit, but boy did it taste good.

  My boyfriend has been incredible during these days. He has prepped our lunches and gone to the store. He takes amazing care of me and I am so grateful. It may seem like I'm over praising, but we've both been with people who didn't appreciate us. I want him to know he's appreciated.

  He came up with a great idea. Bacon is part of the recipe for our bacon zucchini cheddar bake. He poured the grease into a mason jar to use to cook our sausages for breakfast. Yummy! Then the eggs get cooked in the remainder. So delicious. 

  We had a "midnight" snack of the remainder of the loaded cauliflower soup. We didn't want to waste it and throw it out. Eating it made sure that it didn't go bad. We added mozzarella and bacon. Yummy! Now it's time to get some sleep.

  Keep calm and keto on. 

Day 96 - 99: Busy Busy

  Well, it has been a pretty busy weekend. Friday we came from work and came home to no internet. It had been off since Thursday night. We had several Blu-Rays and DVDs to watch and games to play. We didn't stay up too late, well I think we did. 

  Saturday morning was a day of volunteering for GreySave. I have been volunteering with them for several years now. My boyfriend had never really interacted with greyhounds. It may have been a slight subterfuge on my part. I love all dogs. Greyhounds especially. I have been wanting another since my ex moved away and has ours. (Long story).

  We've talked about having pets. We thought about starting with a kitty, but not all greyhounds like cats. We are about to have another fish. Super exciting. I am still working on cleaning up the apartment. Slowly getting closer. We of course need to start getting things set up for a puppers. I have our list of must have things. We will get them slowly.

  This post is going to be short for the duration. I'm pretty wiped from the busy weekend. Saturday we came home from volunteering, grabbed Chipotle and laid in bed watching Castle. I had never seen the show and internet was still out. My boyfriend had the first two seasons on DVD. I'm now totally hooked. 

  Sunday was a packed day. We went to his mom's to do laundry. I am so grateful that she's willing to have us over to do laundry. Saves us some money. It's very generous. Laundry took a good portion of the day and called for an In-n-Out trip. 

  After that, we headed to my mom's to take a look at a pupper. My parents were considering another pupper, but the one they were taking a look at wasn't quite right for them. Now, he was a lovely pupper, but he was a little more maintenance then we could handle at the moment. We know that he will find an excellent home. 

  We came home, made food for part of the week and put away laundry. Super exciting adulting weekend! 

  Up Monday morning and back to work! Super busy day. It's always nice to be busy at work. There were some stressful things that happened, but I just came home and relaxed. This morning's weight was up 0.2lbs and my boyfriend stayed the same. Nothing to worry about. We weren't super diligent over the weekend, which is fine. Neither of us were particularly surprised with the outcome. 

  Now off to a new week! Keep calm and keto on!

Day 95: Planning

  So, some planning has been done for things we want to do. For my boyfriend's birthday, I bought both of us ice hockey skates. That was almost 6 months ago. I always wanted to learn how to play, but I wasn't allowed to growing up. He didn't really get a chance to growing up in Georgia and didn't have too many interested parties when he moved back out here.

  We should be starting skating lessons next month! We are both very excited. We are planning on finding ways to fit some more fitness in our lives. I am able to workout at work, which is fantastic. I would like to go take a look at some fitness equipment this weekend. The things I was talking about in the last post.

  I have almost caught up with the 2 Keto Dudes podcast! I have been listening almost every day since March. I have several podcasts listed to listen to next: Keto Woman, Ketovangelist Kitchen, Keto For Women Show, KetoGeek and Obesity Code Podcast. I'm always look for new ones! Not sure how I'm going to get through all of them!

  I need to start doing some more reading too. I check out books from the library both in the building and digitally. Reading is fantastic and I need to do more of it. I think we would both like to, but it's so easy to come home and relax in bed and watch TV. 

  We are also planning on starting to cook through the keto cookbooks we have. I would love to try all the recipes that we are interested in. We have some keto instant pot cookbooks. We have some normal keto cookbooks. I may have also added several to our housewarming list we have. I'm sure one day we will get around to having a housewarming. That wish list is perfect for holidays and birthdays etc. He thinks it's funny that I want more cookbooks and we haven't cooked through the others. We'll get there!

  Well folks, that's all I can really think of for the moment! Keep calm and keto on folks!




Day 94: Need Routines

  I was up earlier today, but still got plenty of sleep. There are so many things I want to find time for and it's so hard to. I get home and want to sit and play games and cuddle up with my boyfriend. That certainly isn't a bad way to spend time, but there are some other things I want to add in.

  I would love to add in some workouts at home. Just need to pick up a few things and I'll have an excellent little area to workout at home. I do much better being able to do things from home than doing things at a gym. It's here. I don't have to go anywhere.

  I enjoy learning how to do things at home. I would like a better exercise mat, a medicine ball, some resistance bands and maybe a set of 10lb free weights. That should be a good start and several of those things my boyfriend can use too. 

  I have a great 30-day challenge app that I like to use and YouTube is an ever excellent place to search videos. My boyfriend is looking at a gym membership, but I'm not sure I would go. He would have to drag me. He needs a bit more heavy duty weights and options. We're not 100% if our apartment gym will be sufficent with what we want.

  I'm loving the turkey stew that we made. It's so good and filling. I'm finding it much easier to stop eating earlier in the day. Perhaps this a good way to go forward. Can't wait to try the loaded cauliflower soup as well. My boyfriend's mouth is still pretty sore from his wisdom teeth being removed. The soup has been perfect for that.

  I also want to find time for doing some more work from home. I want to start doing my Primal Health Coach certification as well. I've been thinking about some other options to supplement as well, but I have zero desire to leave my current job. I wouldn't mind having extra things to do for extra cash for adventures.

  We will see how it goes. Maybe I can make a plan this coming weekend. 

  Keep calm and keto on.


Day 93: More Soup

  Our soup and "chili" recipes are slowly becoming favorites and I think we will be exploring more keto soup recipes and certainly more instant pot ones. I can't speak highly enough of my instant pot. It makes things so easy. The loaded cauliflower soup would take twice as long on the stove. 

  I added cheese, sour cream and half an avocado to my "chili" I made. It was incredible. Filled me up for the rest of the day and I had lunch at 2pm. Now don't get me wrong, I am tasting as I am cooking and 100% licking spoons as I go. In fact, my boyfriend caught me licking the garlic butter out of a pot.

  All my eating was completed by 2pm today until I started cooking. There wasn't a huge amount of food eating as I cooked, but there was some. I'm not too worried about it. It's not an every day occurrence. 

  My boyfriend really doesn't like sour cream. It's a little funny when he gets grossed out if I lick a spoon with it on it. Apparently it's blended well enough into the soup where he doesn't mind it. He doesn't need to eat it on things if he doesn't want too. The immersion blender does a great job at making sure it's not a dominant taste in the soup.

  Other than that, there's not too much to report. I've been drinking green tea everyday. I'm going to try and drink it earlier because I think the caffeine from the coffee and the tea combined might be making it hard for me to go to sleep. 

  Keep calm and keto on folks.

Day 92: Recipe Gone Wrong

  Well, today started off well. I lost 2.6lbs in the last week. Some of that was muscle mass, but that's because I didn't workout at all last week. I need to add more activity back in, but we plan on doing that soon. I was worried that some of my not tracking and eating off schedule may have led to staying the same, but that didn't happen.

  My boyfriend has achieved 40lbs of weight loss in 92 days! I'm super impressed and proud of him! I've lost 13.8lbs in the last 92 days. I'm thrilled with both of our progresses. I'm not at all surprised by the gap in numbers. I have far less weight to lose. In the last week, I also lost an inch off my waist. I'll take it! We haven't done his measurements in a bit, we probably should.

  I went back to Challenge Camp after a crazy week last week. Felt good to be outside. Helped with the feeling of grogginess. I look forward to going back the rest of the week. I want to find the way to incorporate a small routine at home. I would like to add some more ab workouts in. I have 30 day challenges I can start as well. Now to plan them in!

  His mouth is still hurting him quite badly, but he seems to be doing better. We've got some soup left and I'm going to make another pot tomorrow. I needed to cook something for myself as well. I was planning on doing a Taco Soup recipe in the Instant Pot. Turns out I didn't have the right size instant pot for the recipe, so I modified it! The size we have is great, but it didn't have one of the settings and couldn't fit all the ingredients. No big deal.

  I labeled this recipe gone wrong because I don't do so well when I don't have a recipe to follow. I'm not one of those people that can make things up off the top of my head. Baking was always my strong suit as the recipe is precise. It's like a science. Cooking not so much. My boyfriend was there to help calm me as I was slightly panicking. 

  I'm calling it a chili, but there are no beans. It's bell pepper, onion, ground turkey, fire roasted tomatoes and some chicken broth. I added some garlic powder, salt, paprika and hot sauce to spice it up a bit. I plan on adding sour cream, cheese and some avocado to add extra fat and I think it will be delicious. 

  I look forward to trying more recipes in the Instant Pot. As the recipe is cooking, I can clean the kitchen or do other things around the apartment. It's great. We have two cookbooks to go through and I want to go checkout a few more. Not to mention the wealth of recipes on the internet.

  Time for bed. Keep calm and keto on.


Day 91: Unpacking & Organizing

  Today got off to an early start. That is good as I still have quite a bit to unpack. My boyfriend was still laid up in bed with the aftermath of his wisdom getting taken out. One side of his mouth is super swollen as some serious digging had to be done to get one of them out.

  Today I had a normal breakfast. He has been eating soup and I made some guacamole. He hasn't had a whole lot to eat, but he has been eating. My big breakfast with bulletproof coffee kept me going for most of the day.

  I had some of the guacamole with pork rinds later. I've been drinking plenty of water. I unpacked several bags and a big box. I also organized our file cabinet and together we hung up some of my hats. I may have a rather large hat collection.

  Yum. We had dessert tonight. It was Halo top Ice Cream Mochi Green Tea Flavor. He's a huge green tea fan and it was the best decision. It was delicious. For a treat every now and then, I think it will be an excellent decision. 

  Now it's time to relax and get some rest. Keep calm and keto on.


Days 89 & 90: 1 Month in Our Place

  Last night, once I got home from work, I crashed. I just sat in bed and played games on my iPad. I didn't want to cook. Didn't want to move. It was a very busy week at work, which is great. This is my first weekend at home since we moved in. I was at SDCC last weekend, in Virginia the weekend before that and housesitting the one before that.

  I am glad to be at home this weekend, especially since my boyfriend had to get two wisdom teeth taken out. They were both impacted and were causing other problems. It's good that he finally got them out so that he can make sure that more problems aren't caused. I have to say, I'm slightly disappointed that he isn't a bit more loopy as it would've been funny while watching Shark Week.

  To gear up for our appointments this morning, we were fairly snacky last night since we knew we wouldn't feel like eating. We almost never snack that much at night, but we were both feeling the urge to so, so we listened to our bodies.

  I had deep cleaning done on the left side of my mouth and head back in a week or two to get some things filled. I need to set up an appointment for a second opinion on whether I may or may not to get invisible braces to combat some jaw problems that I'm having an issue with. Hopefully there's a good solution.

  Today wasn't super eventful. We had the dentist, came back and crashed. In between coming back, however, I filled up my car, got a car wash and we dropped off his medications to be filled. Once the car wash was done, we were able to go grab his pain meds and antibiotics. He really needed the pain killers. There was a lot of digging to get things out.

  After my nap, I went out to get supplies to make some soups. He's not going to be able to eat solid foods for a few days, I'm guessing. Tonight was the loaded cauliflower soup. I used our instant pot to make it. While it was cooking, I was able to clean up. So very minimal clean up left to do.

  The soup is delicious! And since it uses the immersion blender, it's perfect for my boyfriend to eat with his sore mouth. Well, it's time to relax and watch Shark Week. 

Day 88: Exhausted

  Today was a super busy day at work. I was absolutely wiped out and major brain fog when I was finished. There's a lot going on right now at work. Please don't take this for complaining. That's not what this is. It's just explaining why when I came home I really didn't want to do anything. I am so grateful my boyfriend suggested we get some top sirloin patties at Costco. Cooking was one thing I didn't want to do tonight.

  Keto tip: always have an easy to make back up plan. You may not want cook some nights. Have a back up that's easy to make. In fact, I think that's a good tip in general. There are going to be times when you're exhausted, but you're going to need lunch!

  I really don't have terribly much to report for today. We've upped the coconut oil and heavy cream in my bulletproof coffee because it's now in a 24oz mug instead of a 12oz. It has helped up the fat content and helps make me motor through the morning. We are trying to do better with eating windows. Well, I struggle more than he does.

  I have Dr. Jason Fung's book called The Obesity Code. That book is highly recommended by so many people. I'm planning on reading as much as possible as I can. I also have The Salt Fix to read and several books that I checked out on my Kindle from the library. First weekend at home is this weekend. Need to do some unpacking, some reading and relaxing.

  Keep calm and keto on folks.