Day 253: Settling Back In

This is the second week back to meal prep. It takes a bit to get settled back in, as we have been so lucky at work. I must admit I missed the cooking. Fair, I use the Instant Pot most often; but, it’s the whole process I miss, even if the Instant Pot is doing most of the work.

For anyone curious, we have the Instant Pot Duo Mini. It’s a 3qt. It’s the perfect size for 2. Sure, some recipes will need to be cooked in batches or modified slightly, but so what?! It really doesn’t take anytime at all. The trick is going to be finding some of those accessories to fit inside our pot, but I’m sure we can do it and none of them are a rush.

My husband and I like to rotate proteins or have multiple available in one week. (Just a quick note, I’m not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned. It’s just me letting you know what I’ve got & where I go!) W3 do like to go to Costco to stock up on meat. Whatever else we don’t eat that week goes in the freezer. For example, this past weekend we bought 2lbs of shrimp and almost 7lbs of ground beef. I still have two things of chicken in my freezer from last week.

With the giant thing of ground beef, I break it into 1lb segments and freeze in bags that way. If it’s a different amount in the bag, I label it with a sharpie. This week, we went with 4 different recipes from The “I Love My Instant Pot” Keto Diet Recipe Book: Garlic Chicken Soup, Cheesy Beef & Broccoli, Shrimp & Cauliflower Rice and Chocolate Chip Fat Bomb.

I was weighing in every week, out of curiosity and to monitor progress. I never let that number define me. It’s not who I am, but I like knowing which way the scale is headed. After not getting on the scale since November 20, 2018, I have lost 5lbs. I was pretty happy about that! I am now at 155lbs. Considering that a year ago, when my husband and I first started dating, I was 195lbs, I’ll say that’s quite a big improvement.

Now for some notes on the recipes. Note to self, with baking a garlic bulb, do make sure to scrape out the garlic when still warm. It didn’t turn out badly, but would have been more like a paste and easier to mix in. I had never baked a garlic bulb before and the instructions in the book were excellent. As I was baking the bacon at the same temperature, I used the oven for two things at once!

None of these recipes were particularly difficult. We accidentally bought chicken thighs with bones and skin instead of chicken breasts the other week. No big deal. It still worked just fine with the recipe. I’ll be perfectly honest, if the skin has any weird bumps or things, I will cut it off and throw it out. I have a super weird texture thing. My husband will eat the shrimp tails, I have to take them off. I’m sure some keto people wouldn’t agree with this, but there are some things I still can’t get used to.

With the Cheesy Beef & Broccoli, I added the extra broccoli that was left over because I didn’t want it to go bad. So instead of the 2 cups, it’s probably closer to 4. To compensate for that, I added extra beef broth, which ended up making it more soup like; but I’ve been craving soups, so that’s not a bad thing. The Shrimp & Cauliflower Rice called for a steamer. I don’t have one of those at the moment for my Instant Pot. Instead, i modified to go with the type of recipe we did when we did the Creamy Shrimp Scampi from a different book.

In this case, I added 1/2 an onion, which the recipe didn’t call for. I had 1/2 an onion from the soup recipe and didn’t want to waste the other half onion. I added the butter and sautéed the onion, then added the cauliflower rice. Instead of a cup of water, I added a cup of chicken broth. I then added the spices and then doubled the amount of asparagus. I added the shrimp to the pot (still frozen) and then set the timer for 2 minutes. Turned out perfectly! We ate that today and it was amazing. I’ll be making that with the remainder of the shrimp and asparagus.

Tonight, I did the Chocolate Chip Fat Bomb. I don’t have silicone cupcake molds. I do, however, have fun Star Wars and Batman molds. I added 3 chocolate chips into each part and then after it was all melted down, I used a tablespoon to fill up the molds. They are currently sitting in the freezer getting ready for later! Hubby doesn’t like coconut oil and these have a base of that, but in my opinion, you can’t taste it, so we will see how he feels about it.

We eat more at night than we used to. We still stick to the, “If you’re hungry, eat”. It’s more meat and cheese than an actual meal at night and we have been having dessert. Usually low carb ice cream. The brands we stick to are Halo Top, Rebel Creamery & Enlightened. We are going to order some Wink ice cream and try that out. Every store we’ve gone to find it at, it hasn’t been there. Turns out, it’s not in any of the ones near us.

We’ve added a glass of whiskey every now and then. We’ve had champagne on special occasions. We typically do not have wine, but we were never big wine drinkers to begin with. I think we are still planning on trying the recipe of making an IPA out of whiskey. That’s the one thing he really misses sometimes.

Well folks, I look forward to my delicious food this week. Hope your week goes well! Keep calm and keto on!