Day 260: Don't Fudge It

Welcome back my friends! We are back and ready to share the recipes from this week. While cooking does take up quite some time, it isn’t stressful to me. It maybe takes longer than I plan because I don’t always get things done in a succinct order. Not to mention, in the mix this time was also making some more dog treats.

Many of the recipes needed some modifications since we don’t have the large Instant Pot. There are 100% ways to make it work. I figured it out and so far it has all turned out great! I still need to order some of the accessories for the Instant Pot to use in the future. There are some recipes that I would love to try and we probably need them.

We are still cooking through The “I Love My Instant Pot” Keto Diet Recipe Book. The first recipe I made was actually dessert. Slow Cooker Peanut Butter Fudge. It’s super rich. We used high percentage chocolate. They recommended erythritol, but we had truvia. I don’t go out and buy another sugar if I already have one. Next time I think I’ll try and mix the ingredients a little bit more before cooking. Some of the sugar stuck to the bottom of the pot. It was easily scraped off with a spatula.

Next up was Garlic Butter Shrimp & Asparagus. We had a pound of shrimp still left. I added the entire bunch of asparagus because I didn’t want to waste it. I thought I needed cauliflower rice for some reason, but I didn’t. I had defrosted it, so I threw it in. I always add way more garlic than the recipe calls for since we love garlic. Having a recipe base strangely makes it easier to adjust to what we like.

To be honest, if there are ingredients I forget or don’t want to use, I don’t stress. This recipe called to be cooked in a 7 cup glass bowl; well, that won’t fit in my Instant Pot. Instead, I added some chicken broth and made it a bit more soup like. We had it for lunch today. It was delicious. I prefer cooking the shrimp from frozen. It really doesn’t take any longer than cooking them fresh and you don’t need to worry about over cooking. I just referenced another recipe that used frozen shrimp to make sure I was doing things right.

After that, I moved onto the Chicken Bacon Chowder. Now, it’s bacon and I want to get the most bacon flavor I can! Instead of removing the bacon from the pot, I left it in. I wanted that flavor and the fat cooked into the soup. I didn’t get an onion because everything calls for half an onion. What do you do with the other half? Instant Pot cooking onions makes them soft and delicious, but I hate having left over onion.

I used the chicken thighs we had left over and cut those up. I bought frozen broccoli and cauliflower. I of course, used cauliflower rice instead. I love using cauliflower rice in recipes! I cooked the bacon, then added the cut chicken and the seasonings. I prefer cooking with the seasonings earlier rather than later. I feel it gives them more time to marinate in the food. Who knows if I’m right or not. That’s the great thing when cooking, it’s how you feel about it. I also added the entire thing of mushrooms that I bought instead of the recommended amount. We don’t buy veggies that often and I don’t want them to go to waste.

I cooked this recipe the way the recipe recommended. It’s getting taken for lunch tomorrow with the Butter Beef and Spinach, which somehow I didn’t get a photo of; but, I will try to remember to add one tomorrow. This recipe also called to be cooked inside a glass dish. Instead, I added some broth and just cooked it as they suggested it. Looks like it’s going to be great. I substituted minced garlic for garlic powder.

I’m excited to try the chowder and butter beef & spinach tomorrow. We’ve been try to eat a bit more during the day because we kept being starving at night. Eating more has been helping not being so hungry. We still have a dessert when we get home. It’s a nice way to end the day. I look forward to delicious meals and planning our next ones!

Tune in next week for more keto food!