Day 247 & 248: 2019 Predictions & 2018 Reflections

In the first days of 2019, I wanted to reflect on the journey that keto has taken us through over the last 8 months. Combined, we have lost a total of 95lbs. 30lbs lost by me and 65lbs lost by my husband. Some of my weight was lost prior to starting. I got up to 195lbs. When I started keto I was 184.4lbs. At last weigh in I was 160lbs.

My health, in my opinion, is better. I’m not breaking out in hives. I still, on occasion, have stomach issues, but those aren’t nearly as prevalent as they used to be. I feel so much more clear minded and as though focusing on tasks is much easier.

Of course, having dropped the weight makes us happier. We did notice differences prior to all the weight being lost. Our moods were better. My autism and his depression are immensely better. Keto is not a cure all. We still have difficult days. In my opinion, though, keto helps me recognize what’s going on and makes it easier to overcome whatever it is going on at the time.

My plan to document each day of keto for the first year was a good one. That being said, however, now that it’s not a debate on how to start and what to eat or should we track…it’s not as useful to post everyday. So, my plan now, is to post photos of our recipes and link to the recipes or provide information on the books being used.

I think that keto can seem overwhelming with the wealth of recipes out there and the amazing cookbooks. I plan on cooking through my keto cookbooks and posting links to them. I use a combo of both online recipes and cookbooks.

I started our journey tracking everything and now we track almost nothing. For someone who likes to plan out everything, this is a huge change. It works now as I’ve come to it step by step. Everyone has to come to their own things in their own time.

While we are both lucky to have a work that provides us with lunch each day, it is carb fueled and much of it we can’t eat. I am super picky with lettuce and really can’t stand mix greens. With the romaine crisis, I haven’t been as keen to get salads. We are going back to meal prep and are both excited about it.

I think 2019 is going to be a great year for us both keto related and non-keto related. We are both right around where we want to be weight wise. I think we would both like to tone up a bit. The hardest thing is figuring out a gym. He’ll go. I kinda will go. I am curious about Burn 360, a program on our TV and may try that free trial.

The first meals I’ve made this year are Chicken and Cauliflower Rice Soup and Italian Chicken Thighs. Both these recipes came from the I Love My Instant Pot Keto Diet Recipe Book. The Instant Pot has been amazing with meal prep. It makes things so much easier. We accidentally bought chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts, so modifications to the original plan had to be made.

For New Years, I made a Keto Red Velvet Cake and Keto Eggnog. For Christmas, I made Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls. I have attached images of all these delicious items. I’ve missed having baked goods. I was too afraid that I would want them all the time. I admit, it’s very exciting to have a piece of cake at night when we get home. I look forward to creating more delicious baked goods.

If you’re reading this, I hope that you have a wonderful 2019. If 2018 was rough for you, I hope this year is better. Happy New Year!