Days 130 - 133: Ketoing On

    Thursday and Friday weren't super exciting. Thursday we made another frittata to prepare breakfast for the next few days. Friday night we were super excited to be sitting in bed at 7:15pm. We are homebodies. We like being at home. We don't really go out much and we don't mind. Being keto makes it hard to be out sometimes. 

  We don't drink much, if at all, and several people in one group of friends do. They aren't bad people, but it's very hard being the sober ones. I think it's also hard for us to watch friends who we know could benefit by trying to be more healthy. It's not about doing keto or not. Everyone has to make that choice themselves, but we are concerned for their health and it's hard to not to say anything.

  Yesterday morning we were up early because I had to take my car in for a service. It is the first service I've had for my car and everything went great. After dropping my car off, we went to do errands. The first stop was Ralphs. We picked up ingredients we didn't need in bulk such as veggies and spices. From there, we went and filled up my boyfriend's car. Then we headed to Costco. Who knew that Costco on a Saturday morning was a breeze?! Hopefully that wasn't a fluke. 

  We didn't really do our time management very well in the morning. Our first hockey skating lesson was Saturday morning. Due to poor decisions and time management skills, we missed it. We did manage to get our membership cards and scheduled a make up for next weekend. From there we decided to head to get lunch at Chipotle and go to the book store. We each grabbed a book and he picked up a hockey magazine too.

  From there we headed to my mom's to do laundry. I ended up filling up the bird feeders and making sure mom's plants were watered as well. While doing laundry is not super fun, it's necessary. I'm glad it's done and we actually put it away! That makes it even more exciting. 

  We got home fairly late last night and decided to sleep in. We made it to around 9am this morning. We did relax in bed for quite some time. Our goals today were to put away laundry and meal prep. I would say that we succeed quite brilliantly. We are starting off the week on a good foot. 

  He made our breakfast and I made our lunches. We make a good team when it comes to getting things done. Our time management does need a little work, but when we have no rush and have the day, we get it all done. We've even divided up our food. I labeled up the pork chops this time so we know the weight. It will help with monitoring macros. I stick to them much more than he does, which is what works for us. 

  For our lunches we have Beef Curry with Cauliflower Rice and Herb & Butter Pork Chops. I'm looking forward to our lunches. We have fun choosing our recipes for the week. We basically do most everything together and we both like it that way. We've only really come close to an argument once and that was Saturday when we missed our skating lesson. We were both upset about missing it due to excitement. We both recognized we were being short with each other and apologized. Crisis averted. Plans to be places on time are now in place.

  We can't prevent getting annoyed, but we can do what we did and recognize it was the situation and not each other. We both made choices that made us late and we both accept that. I'm not going to waste time staying upset with him when I'm not actually upset with him. 

  We've done quite a lot of TV watching this weekend, but we get to relax and we've done quite a lot. I enjoy the time we get to spend together. Now for some more relaxing!