Day 129: Back in the (Exercise) Saddle

  Well today was my second day back to Challenge Camp at work during my lunch time. Of course, day two is running stairs. I want to let people know that you need to push yourself at your own pace. I have a co-worker who I think is wonderful, but she's super optimistic and thinks the word can't should be shunned. 

  I was frustrated because it's really hard breathing while working out now that I have this mouth guard. She said in through the nose and out through the mouth. I said I was trying that but it was hard. To which her response is just do it. I'm sorry, but you don't have this in your mouth, so you don't know the challenge. Sure, I can seem like a negative person, but it's not negativity. It's realism.

  I have a brace in my mouth. It makes it hard to breath while exercise. Yes, in through the nose out through the mouth is correct, but it's going to take some adjustment. Most of the folks did 4 sets of 12. I did 3 sets of 10. That's what I could handle. I hate cardio and people being all peppy and upbeat about it doesn't make me want to do it more.

  I took the feta-stuffed beef & lamb burger for lunch today. I think it's one of my new favorite recipes. I really want to try it with other cheese and maybe through some avocado on top. I love blue cheese, but my boyfriend's not a fan. That's ok. We will make his with a different cheese! Not to mention there are plenty of cheeses we both like.

  Right now in our freezer are pork chops, ground beef and beef stew meat. I have the feeling our recipes for this weekend and the following week will have those ingredients and I'm looking forward to the recipes we pick next.

  It may seem like I do more cooking, but that isn't super true. Our kitchen is a little compact so it's hard for us both to be in there. My boyfriend makes our bulletproof coffee every morning and back when we made breakfast every day, he would make that. He now is mainly in charge of our breakfast frittata. Came home today to smell bacon that had been cooked in the oven. Yummy.

  We both pick out our recipes and often I get started. I enjoy it. If I need help, I ask and he comes to help. I use the Instant Pot a lot so I don't actually really need help. The Instant Pot does all the work. We are very good at teamwork and I believe that neither of us feels that one of us does more than the other.

  Tonight when I got home, as he gets home before me, due to work being closer to home, we went outside and did a walk around the complex across from us. It's just over a mile. When we got back home we decided to do some exercises. I used a 30-day challenge app I have that mainly uses body weight. He does have a resistance band and weights if I want to use them. It felt good.

  After my shower, I feel relaxed and ready for cuddling. I really enjoy this keto kind of life.