Day 127: Organize Time

  It has been super nice having a long weekend with my boyfriend. Today is our weigh in day. I was down 0.2lbs. Not a whole lot, but still heading in the direction I want, slowly! Drumroll please...he's now under 200lbs! This milestone he has been looking forward to for quite some time. I'm super proud of him!

  We are both trying to continue the journey to losing weight and getting healthy. We are hoping to add more exercise into our routine. We start our ice skating lessons this coming weekend! Or I should more accurately say, we both want to learn to play hockey; but, we first need to learn how to skate. 

  Today my mom came for lunch and requested that we make a fathead pizza. We showed her how to do it and then it was lunch time! She really enjoyed it. She was asking about cauliflower pizza crust, but we haven't tried making that yet. We do know that it's an option to get at several restaurants. I would like to try and make it at some point.

  We had to clean up a bit before my mom came. It wasn't just for her sake. We needed to put away laundry and clean up the apartment. It was something necessary and we would like to keep the apartment clean. We are trying to be better about getting everything put away.

  Today was also meal prep day. We made sesame pork and green beans and feta-stuffed burgers. I cooked the pork in the Instant Pot since I believe that it will be more accurate in cooking it through. The burgers were made from both ground beef and ground lamb. I'm excited to see how everything tastes. I'm usually not a big a big pork fan, but we both agreed to try new things.

  We ended up getting a new fish today. His name is Captain Cold aka Leonard Snart. He's a gorgeous mix of blue colors. I've done my best to set up the tank well and hopefully it works out! Now to rest up before work!

  Keep calm and keto on!