Days 144 - 148: Plan Ahead

Well, I’m still not feeling 100%. Our newest edition to our family, our dog, can snore like a freight train. I’ve never heard something so small make a sound so large. Ear plugs don’t really help super much, but they’re meant to lighten sound and not block it out. Bogey really can snore. I’m still adjusting. My boyfriend seems totally fine. A huge shoutout to my college friend Tom, who has had bulldogs and is there for advice that is helping with snoring!

We both get super excited by getting to bed early. I’m usually the delay fish in trying to get out the door or to bed. Right now, we are trying to adjust to what will be our schedule next week when he comes to work where I do! I’m super excited about that. We will carpool and be together most of the time. Some people that doesn’t work for, but we met working together so I’m confident there will be no issue.

Thursday & Friday nothing to really report. I think I finally snapped a photo of what the pepper steak looked like. Saturday we had another ice skating lesson. We were a little late due to traffic, but we had a great time. It’s going to be our thing. After that, it was heading back to take Humphrey “Bogey” Bogart to a vet check up.

There’s nothing wrong with him. We have pet insurance for him and they require that we take him to the vet for a check up within the first two weeks. I know some people don’t get pet insurance and that’s fine. For us it financially makes sense. He’s 1yo. At the time the insurance starts, he has no pre-existing conditions so that should a common bulldog problem arise later in life, we will be covered. Plus we get reimbursed for common things, like his yearly check up, flea medication and training classes. It’s a good choice.

Sunday was my best friend’s daughter’s first birthday. It was so much fun. It was a dapper day theme. We dressed as Sally and Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas. Great set up. Good people. A great afternoon. I’m not super sure that I got enough rest this weekend, but I will do my best.

We are getting up earlier to adjust to the schedule that will start next week. As I said, I’m the delay fish. I want time to adjust to make sure I can get up and out in time. I’m confident that I will be able get going and out on time. There are ways to get me moving. I just need to prepare things ahead of time. It’s not a terrible thing to do. It’s good for us.

Today was weigh in day. I lost 0.8lbs. That makes it a total of 19.5lbs In almost 5 months. I’m thrilled with that. I did my measurements as well. Since we started I’ve lost 3.5in on my bust, 2in on my waist, 1.5in on my stomach, 1.5in on my hips and 1in on my thighs. I’m happy with all that. It’s the most I’ve ever lost on my bust. Some ladies wouldn’t be happy about that, but I am thrilled. Having all that extra weight isn’t helpful.

My boyfriend lost 0.6lbs today. Since we started he has lost 49.6lbs. We are both hoping to hit 20lbs and 50lbs weight loss, respectively, in the next week. We haven’t done his measurements since we started, but I think we may do them soon. I am super curious to see how well he has done. I am also super proud of him for many reasons. Not many men would hear their girlfriend’s say, “I’m done with carbs and sugar” and say, “Ok, so what are we doing.” That’s what I have. I’m so lucky.

Last night and tonight we did have ice cream, but we haven’t had a whole lot of carbs during the day and my throat was hurting. We haven’t been doing it as often. I think we take advantage of the salad bar at work soon and have yummy salads most days. It’s pretty easy to add fat and protein to salads. Olive oil, cheese, meat, etc. It will be so much fun to have so much more time together!

Well, it’s time for rest & to get back up and to it tomorrow! Keep calm and keto on folks.