Days 124 - 126: Long Weekend

  Well, it's a long weekend. Can't remember the last time I've actually had one of those off. I'm lucky that my boyfriend has some vacation days to use. I'm happy that we can have a long weekend together. Friday he went grocery shopping for his grandmother. I came home after work and relaxed.

  Yesterday, I went into work for a few hours and then headed home. He had a dentist appointment. We ran to Petco & Petsmart to get some plants for our fish tank. We were very brave and had strong, as both places were having pet adoptions for both dogs and cats. We walked away from each place without a new pet. We did find some great plants for the fish tank. 

  We should hopefully be picking out a new fish tomorrow. We wanted to give the tank time to be set up and have the pH balance out and add plants to make it more homey. I'm looking forward to getting a new fish picked out and at home. 

  We then went to my parents to say hi to some family friends before going to meet my best friend from high school, her husband and their baby for dinner. Things are finally starting to settle down to find the point where we have time to go meet people for dinner and still have time on our weekends. I've missed seeing my friends and with the schedule I used to have I couldn't see them or my family very easily. I am so grateful to be at a job where it's now an option.

  We were home by 10:30pm and we got to sleep in this morning. Today has been a very relaxing day. We have been catching up on TV shows or more accurately, I have. My boyfriend has already seen most of these, but I am interested in them as well so he's wonderful and watching them again. We very rarely just do nothing. Sometimes it's really nice. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

  We had our coffee this morning and then decided to just wait until we got hungry, which was about an hour or so ago. We went to go get a poke salad. The food is delicious, but the lack of care and interest from the employees almost makes me not want to go there. It's an easy place to get to as it's down the street from our apartment. We walked over there. We came home and ate dinner and will be having dessert shortly.

  Tomorrow we need to do some meal prep and clean the apartment. My mom may drop by for lunch, which would be fun since she hasn't seen our apartment yet. We both badly want a pet, leaning more towards a dog. We still need to finish setting up the apartment and make sure that we can give a pet an excellent home. Now to get back to some relaxing.