Days 142 & 143: Take Care of Yourself

So many of us work in offices where if one person gets sick it can often take down the office. I have been feeling a little off since the beginning of the week and I’ve woken up with a bit of a sore throat. Now, I’ve been taking precautions. I know some people say it’s a waste to take Vitamin C supplements. Sure, some of it isn’t used by my body, but if you take it everyday it does help a bit with prevention.

It’s not going to prevent me from getting really sick, but for me, it’s a small thing I can do to help myself. Another thing I firmly believe in taking is apple cider vinegar. No, it does not taste nice. It does, however, have a lot of health benefits. I like to mix it with sparkling water. To me it doesn’t taste so horrible that way and I’m not shooting it, so anything is really better than that.

Pomegranate vinegar is equally effective and slightly less better. Only slightly less. I immediately feel better after and having an extra dose or so while feeling this way. I don’t like being out sick and I’m pretty terrible at sitting and doing nothing.

I went to Challenge Camp both Monday and Tuesday, but not today. That’s mainly because it was Talk Like A Pirate Day and I was dressed up and moved my lunch around to participate. It was super fun and I love having a work environment that encourages this!

Last night we needed to make more food, so I had defrosted some beef stew meat and threw it into the Instant Pot with bell peppers, bone broth and some Worcestershire sauce. Some Glick’s seasoning was thrown in as well. Delicious! I really do love my Instant Pot. It makes things so easy when needing to whip something up quickly.

I need to work on getting some more rest. Hopefully I can crash out early tonight. I get home and I get so distracted from everything. Last time I tried writing a post it took me an hour and a half because I kept side-tracking myself.

Keep calm and keto on folks!