Day 141: Macro Managing

Well today was a scale today for us. I stayed the same. I’m good with that. Not terribly surprising considering last week was my period and we did eat out quite a lot over the weekend. I need to get better about taking my measurements to see if there are changes there as well. Those seem to go much slower for me.

My boyfriend lost 2.6lbs. That makes a grand total of 49lbs in 141 days! He’s about to hit 50lbs down! I’m down 17.2lbs in 141 days. There haven’t been that many significant drops for me. There were two, which were significant, but every little bit counts. I’ve gained weight twice as well. It has been a kiddie roller coaster, but not with the emotions.

For once there isn’t the beating myself up if I eat something extra or if I didn’t make it to the challenge camp at work. I’m just proud of myself and whatever progress I’m making. Slow and steady wins the race after all.

Need to cook another meal soon. Probably tomorrow night. Using up what we’ve got in the kitchen. It’s most likely going to be with beef and bell peppers. Want to make sure that the bell peppers don’t go bad! That’s the only bad habit we have every now and then is that we buy more veggies than we are going to eat.

There’s really nothing terribly exciting to report for today. I have attached my macros so you can get an estimate. I think the point that I wanted to make with them is that the most important one not to go over is my carb goal. Now, you do subtract fiber and sugar alcohols from carbs to get your net carbs, so sometimes they “look” higher than they actually are.

Protein I try and hit most of the time. I want to make sure I’m not losing muscle mass. Changing to a sedentary job does change things around, but I’m hoping to become more active. I keep saying that and one day, I’m sure it will happen. Fat I try and hit and don’t really stress if I’m going over.

Some days, I’m just not that hungry, so I eat what I feel like. Some days I feel like eating three meals and some extra. I do that too. It all balances out. Listening to my body and it’s hungry and full signals have become easier over this time period and I think those skills will just keep increasing.

Keep calm and keto on folks.