Day 134: Small Victories

Well, today was a weigh in day. I lost 1.4lbs in the last week. That’s super surprising to me as it was my PMS week and that’s not typical. I’m not complaining, just pleasantly surprised. That makes a total of 18.6lbs since we started just over 4 months ago. My boyfriend gained 0.4lbs this week, but is down a total of 46.6lbs since we started. It’s only the second time or so that he has gained weight since we started. There’s nothing wrong with that.

I think we need to celebrate some non-scale victories as well. I can’t remember the last time I felt bloated during PMS. It’s huge not to feel this way and feel like I don’t want to wear pants, which is totally not an option at work. (Yes, that’s a joke lol). My mood are much better controlled during PMS and I can more easily recognize that PMS is the cause of me getting annoyed.

I am now fitting into my “skinny” shirts. The shirts that were just too darn uncomfortable, but now fit comfortably. My boyfriend can now fit in shirts that were in this class as well. He showed me a photo of himself from the day before we started. The difference is remarkable. Our watches have gone down rungs and so have our belts.

We both took the Herb & Butter Pork Chops for lunch. The combination of olive oil, butter and ghee was delicious. The only “issue” with pork chops is that they are packed with protein and not as much fat. All that meant for me is that I got to eat a whole avocado today! I love avocados and they are an excellent source of healthy fat.

I think I’m going to try the beef curry tomorrow. May see if I have sour cream left as it does leave a kick in the back of the throat. Plus, while my boyfriend doesn’t think so, I’m quite a fan of sour cream. It will be interesting to see how that pans out.

We ordered a Soda Stream over the weekend. We have been trying to find ways to cut costs. Nothing is wrong, there is not a need, but we don’t like spending unnecessary money if we don’t have to. We figured out were spending about $45/month on electrolyte water and probably close to the same on sparkling water.

With the Soda Stream, we will be saving quite a bit of money and getting delicious sparking water at our fingertips! We have also ordered electrolyte drops to use in replacement of the electrolyte water. We were feeling a bit peckish during our tv watching and decided to have some cheese, salami and pepperoni. We eat when we feel like and when we don’t we don’t. We don’t deprive ourselves and enjoy the delicious food we can have.

Keep calm and keto on folks!