Days 100 &101: Looking Back On First 100 Days

  I can't believe that we've been doing keto for 101 days now. In the last 100 days, I've lost 13.7lbs. My boyfriend has lost 40lbs. We've learned quite a lot. We don't waste as much food we used to. We eat so many delicious things.

  That doesn't even count the NSVs we've experienced (non-scale victories). My brain is sharper and processing faster. That isn't necessarily a fun thing at 8am Saturday morning when I would like to sleep in. My jaw pain is gone. My boyfriend's pant, belt and watch size has gone done. For the first time in a long time, he wears just a t-shirt out instead of layers. I'm having similar successes with my clothing. 

  We enjoy cooking together and do our best to prep together. I think that it has helped us grow as a couple since we've done this entire process together as a team. I wouldn't be able to do this so successfully if I didn't have him supporting me. He lets me go crazy on the planning and tracking and he still does things the best way for him. He's not as meticulous as I can be and I don't ask him to be. We wouldn't work if we didn't do it the way that worked best for us to keep us a team.

  Although, he has said I need to wait on getting more keto cookbooks. Apparently, I am supposed to use them or something and collecting cookbooks is not a hobby. We will see about that! :)

  Things, for me, have been fairly stressful the last few days. I don't really crave anything, but I felt like ice cream. Sure, it was emotional eating, but I stayed under my net carbs even with having the ice cream. Halo Top is delicious and an excellent keto treat. I don't plan on making it a habit, but boy did it taste good.

  My boyfriend has been incredible during these days. He has prepped our lunches and gone to the store. He takes amazing care of me and I am so grateful. It may seem like I'm over praising, but we've both been with people who didn't appreciate us. I want him to know he's appreciated.

  He came up with a great idea. Bacon is part of the recipe for our bacon zucchini cheddar bake. He poured the grease into a mason jar to use to cook our sausages for breakfast. Yummy! Then the eggs get cooked in the remainder. So delicious. 

  We had a "midnight" snack of the remainder of the loaded cauliflower soup. We didn't want to waste it and throw it out. Eating it made sure that it didn't go bad. We added mozzarella and bacon. Yummy! Now it's time to get some sleep.

  Keep calm and keto on.