Day 96 - 99: Busy Busy

  Well, it has been a pretty busy weekend. Friday we came from work and came home to no internet. It had been off since Thursday night. We had several Blu-Rays and DVDs to watch and games to play. We didn't stay up too late, well I think we did. 

  Saturday morning was a day of volunteering for GreySave. I have been volunteering with them for several years now. My boyfriend had never really interacted with greyhounds. It may have been a slight subterfuge on my part. I love all dogs. Greyhounds especially. I have been wanting another since my ex moved away and has ours. (Long story).

  We've talked about having pets. We thought about starting with a kitty, but not all greyhounds like cats. We are about to have another fish. Super exciting. I am still working on cleaning up the apartment. Slowly getting closer. We of course need to start getting things set up for a puppers. I have our list of must have things. We will get them slowly.

  This post is going to be short for the duration. I'm pretty wiped from the busy weekend. Saturday we came home from volunteering, grabbed Chipotle and laid in bed watching Castle. I had never seen the show and internet was still out. My boyfriend had the first two seasons on DVD. I'm now totally hooked. 

  Sunday was a packed day. We went to his mom's to do laundry. I am so grateful that she's willing to have us over to do laundry. Saves us some money. It's very generous. Laundry took a good portion of the day and called for an In-n-Out trip. 

  After that, we headed to my mom's to take a look at a pupper. My parents were considering another pupper, but the one they were taking a look at wasn't quite right for them. Now, he was a lovely pupper, but he was a little more maintenance then we could handle at the moment. We know that he will find an excellent home. 

  We came home, made food for part of the week and put away laundry. Super exciting adulting weekend! 

  Up Monday morning and back to work! Super busy day. It's always nice to be busy at work. There were some stressful things that happened, but I just came home and relaxed. This morning's weight was up 0.2lbs and my boyfriend stayed the same. Nothing to worry about. We weren't super diligent over the weekend, which is fine. Neither of us were particularly surprised with the outcome. 

  Now off to a new week! Keep calm and keto on!