Day 123: Keto Woman

  Well today wasn't the most fun of days. I had to go to the orthodontist this morning to get my brace for my mouth. It's no fun at all. It sits above my teeth, instead of being around them. Since I have TMJ/TMD this will, hopefully, correct that issue and determine whether or not I need to get braces again. I have several issues that were caused from my braces when I was younger and it appears that now they are causing problems. 

  While this is not super fun, it is something that is most likely quite necessary. If I don't fix this issue, it could cause more problems down the road. I am hoping that this will solve the problem. I sound like a five year old. I can't seem to say rs. Sometimes I can actually get together a sentence. Not exactly the best thing when part of my job is answering phones. Guess it's a good thing that it's a three day weekend so I'll have more time to adjust.

  Now for some great news! I'm super excited to announce that I will be on the Keto Woman Podcast! I was extremely honored to be counted as one of the extraordinary women for the show. My co-extraordinary woman on the show and I now have a Facebook Page we are getting going: 2 Keto Newbies! Please check it out and feel free to follow if it's something interests you.

  I may have stopped at two places to bring ice cream home for the weekend. Sure, we probably indulge a bit more than most, but we are super careful otherwise. I don't feel bad about it. We don't make keto treats to snack on daily. We still hit under 20 net carbs even with eating it. I'm being defensive. There's no reason to be. We do keto our way and everyone should be able to do it their way. Sadly, on the second stop they didn't have exactly what I was looking for, but I found an alternative. 

  Halo Top isn't the most perfect keto ice cream. Rebel Creamery is much more keto friendly. They just don't have as many flavor options at this current moment. Don't feel bad if you treat yourself to something not fully keto. Stay with what works for you. Won't work for everyone. I look forward to my treats. 

  I look forward to relaxing this weekend and getting to spending some quality time with my boyfriend. We do spend time together, but we always seem to be running around. We would love to have some more time than just a short evening to relax with each other. It will be super nice.

  Keep calm and keto on folks.