Days 121 & 122: Ahead of Time

  This weekend is a holiday weekend coming up. I refuse to go grocery shopping or any kind of shopping on a holiday weekend. It's way too crazy with all the sales going on. So, last night and this morning we picked out recipes to make this weekend. We are picking recipes from a different book this time. I'm excited to make them.

  Last night we did some errands as well. We needed some items from Bed, Bath and Beyond, including a squatty potty, which I was super excited about! They had some protein bars that work with keto and we decided to pick up some to try. We tried the cookie version today and liked it pretty well.

  We stopped at the pet store as well because my fish tank is broken. Don't worry there was no fish in it. It was leaking and I was also having a hard time getting the pH balance right in the tank. We found a good one on sale. It's also about 2 gallons large, which may help the fish. Can't wait to set it up and get a new fish fish!

  Tonight was the grocery stores. It was first stop at Costco. Not very many items to pick up, but bacon was on the list. I filled up my tank while we there as well. From there I had to pick up a prescription. We stopped at a different pet store as the previous one didn't have the rocks we wanted and a cheaper thermometer. 

  Then it was the grocery store. We had a short list and were able to get in and out quickly. Then we came home to make another breakfast frittata and relax. We decided to make it with chorizo this time. Smells yummy! Now to get some rest for tomorrow.