Day 120: Moving Forward

  This week I lost 0.4lbs and for the first time ever my boyfriend gained a pound. We did eat out more than normal last week and as he was taking antibiotics, which required that he eat dinner. We typically only eat dinner once or twice a week. We just need to make sure that we keep it at a minimum. It clearly throws off our balance. I think that may also be why he was having difficulty sleeping. 

  Today was a busy day at work. I think it's ramping up as we get close to the holidays and yes, I know we aren't close. I think it may just be a ramp up from SDCC up until the holidays. I enjoy being busy. It's kind of nice to look up and not realize where the time has gone. I wasn't super hungry at work, but by the time I got home I was pretty hungry and the feeling just got stronger.

  We decided to walk down to the poke place by the apartment. They had kale noodles as an option that we wanted to check out. Turns out they were made with flour, so we went with salad instead. They had excellent explanation of the ingredients that we could choose, which made us feel better about the options. 

  We had the poke salad for dinner and may have had some Halo Top ice cream to finish it off. We tried the chocolate covered banana. So delicious! I think it's the best flavor we've tried. I'm not sure that we can start a pint of ice cream and not finish it. I'm not complaining. We do treat ourselves and not very often. We are doing excellent with our goals and are loving the life that we are living. 

  Now it's time to relax and get ready for tomorrow.