Days 115-119: Catching Up

  Some days there really isn't much to talk about. I go through my day and eat my keto food and that's about the only thing to say. Thursday, I had requested the day off and had put all my doctors and orthodontist appointments in one day. Since pretty much all of the appointments are done during the week, I have to take time off. I figured the easiest way to take the least amount of time off is to do them all in one day!

  Well, the orthodontist wasn't super fun. Turns out what I had been complaining about to my prior dentist about my jaw is completely correct. I am going to be wearing a lower guard for 4 months to fix the jaw problems as well as being followed by 18 months of Invisalign braces. Super fun for me. Especially with the cost. Yay budgeting. 

  I was doing overtime last week. I usually don't turn away the opportunity to do more work. I enjoy my job and want to help out. Plus, who doesn't like a little extra cash to use on fun activities? I was pretty dead by the time the end of the week rolls around. I needed rest and was slightly relived when our Saturday shift was called off since our team was so awesome!

  Saturday morning, we went and did shopping for my boyfriend's grandma. Then we went to his mom's to pick up some mail and headed back home to get ready to head to King's Night at the LA Dodgers. I like baseball, but I wouldn't call myself a huge fan. I prefer watching games live than on TV. My boyfriend and I had never been to a baseball game together until that night. We went with two other couples. It was awesome having a triple date night.

  He bought these specific tickets to end up with the Kings Dodger jerseys that were the giveaways. We ended up walking away with two jerseys. We had Chipotle before we were picked up to head to the game. We weren't sure exactly what food choices would be at the stadium so we wanted to make sure we had some food in our system. 

  We did end up getting a bacon wrapped Dodger dogs. It worked out pretty well. The lights ended up going out in the stadium. It was a pretty crazy experience. We got to sleep in this morning. It was a nice experience. My boyfriend brought me breakfast in bed. It's very nice when he does that. And he does that most weekends. He takes such good care of me. He's wonderful. 

  He had to go to work today for inventory, which meant it's one of our first weekend days apart in a bit of time. I'm not super happy about this, but work is work. I had something this morning that I will reveal soon, but it was a super awesome experience and I can't wait to share details!

  I spent the rest of my day adulting. I went to the grocery store to get the few ingredients we needed for meal prep. I figured that since he was going to be gone, that I might as well try and do some meal prep and clean. I cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen. Then I did meal prep for the week. I made a frittata for our breakfast, creamy shrimp scampi with zoodles and beef stroganoff and cauliflower rice. 

  We have a fully stoked fridge. I feel accomplished and I am ready to get some rest. Bring on the week!