Day 114: Stress Management

  Today I went to work early today to help out with the work that is piling up. Our team does an excellent job, but we are only human. I stayed later to help as well. All this approved by the boss, of course. Didn't manage to have a break until my lunch. Wasn't really hungry until then as I was kept so busy. I fueled up at lunch and that got me through the day. 

  There were some stressful interactions today. It made me want some ice cream to relax. I am very grateful that the grocery store that carries Rebel Creamery is close to work and not close to our house. That would be dangerous. I don't recommend necessarily eating a pint at a time, as I've said before; however, I do share with my boyfriend and it's net 6g carb per pint. So I only really ate 3g of those. Seems fair.

  I need to find some new ways for stress management. I need to start working out. I think we are going to attempt to do some 30 day challenges starting September 1, 2018. We are both ready to work out more and just need to make time for it in our lives. I think we are going to make a bigger effort to make it happen.

  Keep calm and keto on folks.