Days 110 & 111: Power of Keto

  Friday was a very busy day at work. I was kept fueled and it was fantastic. I was very happy to get home and relax. On the way home, I decided to stop by Lassen's and pick up Rebel Creamery Ice Cream. They are a Keto ice cream company based out of Utah. I heard about them first on 2 Keto Dudes Podcast and then in more depth on the Keto Woman podcast.

  They currently have 5 flavors out: chocolate, vanilla, mint chip, peanut butter fudge and cookie dough. I walked away with 4 of the 5. I do love chocolate but more often than not when I think of ice cream I think of something flavored, so I really wanted to try the flavors first. The vanilla I plan to take to my parent's tomorrow.

  I love that on the pint there's a statement about the power of keto. I really wish this company the best of luck in spreading this incredible ice cream around. We started with the peanut butter fudge flavor. It was heaven on a spoon. Think it may have even tasted better than regular ice cream. Plus it's 100% keto!

  We only meant to eat a bit and next thing you know the pint was gone! No big deal, it's net 7g carbs for the pint and we almost always have carbs to spare! Now, I don't necessarily recommend eating a pint at a time, but it shouldn't break your carb allotment bank if you do. And if you share with a loved one, then that's only half those carbs!

  I have to admit this morning I was a bit nervous. I am currently working on adding more tattoos to my collection. The plan is to have two half-sleeves. I would love to have them by the end of the year, but that's probably ambitious as one of them is a Harry Potter design and I need to reread the books to make sure it's accurate and exactly what I want.

  I have found an incredible tattoo artist who I plan to have do the rest of my work. I recommend you check her out on Instagram at sanae_kawaii. This was my first tattoo since going keto. I wasn't sure how well my body would handle it in this new fat burning routine. For some reference, most times when I have tattoos I feel a bit light headed and in the past I would have a soda or a candy bar or something high in sugar.

  This time I couldn't. I had my nice yummy keto breakfast of bulletproof coffee and our frittata. Delicious! I took a chia pudding with me and ate that 30 mins before and brought some electrolyte water. I  had a minute where I thought something might happen, but nothing did. It seems that fueling with fat even helps with sitting through a tattoo. Too bad that it can't take the pain away. 

  I felt much better after and not so drained. We were able to run some errands before heading home to relax. We do make an effort to do some relaxing on the weekend as we don't want all our time taken up with errands and other necessary, but time constraining things. Now it's time to do some more relaxing to get ready for more necessities tomorrow!

  I love this keto kind of life.