Days 107-109: Change It Up

  Some days I don't necessarily feel like writing. Some nights relaxation is important. It's why there are sometimes lapses in my daily posts.

  I'm sure I shouldn't be surprised that there's a lot of work going on right now at work. It is work after all. It should be noted, however, that I'm not complaining. I like being busy. It's good. I would much rather have a lot more to get through than a lot less. I'm not a fan of having to find things to do, but I can do it if it's necessary.

  I don't think I mentioned our scale changes in the prior post. I made it under 170lbs this week. I'm now 169.4lbs. Losing 1.4lbs in the prior week. My boyfriend lost close to another 3lbs and he's about to be under 200 shortly. I'm getting curious about my protein intake. I seem to be losing a little muscle mass, which I shouldn't really be doing. It could be that I worked out one week and not the other. 

  Protein is heavily debated in the keto world. We are currently at 1.5g of protein per kg of body mass. In the next week I may try recalculating my protein macro a little bit lower. I don't think the change in muscle mass has anything to do with too little protein as even when my level was higher in the beginning (wasn't paying attention to macro calculations) the same thing happened. I think to really test it I also need to increase my activity level as well.

  Yesterday I started getting some headaches and muscle aches which I haven't had in quite some time. I'm not 100% sure why that is. My best guess would be that since we were offered overtime at work for the remainder of the week (Wednesday - Friday), I haven't been sleeping as well as I was before. I know that sleep can affect a lot, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

  Last night I made Blackberry Chia Pudding. It's the best chia pudding that I've done so far. I think I'm going to use that recipe as the base for all others going forward. The food processor seems to work really well in mixing everything together and getting the pudding to really set in the fridge. I think the one ingredient that doesn't need to get doubled is the liquid stevia. It doesn't taste quite perfect and I think that may be the culprit. Now the real test will be if my boyfriend tastes the coconut since I used coconut milk this time.

  If he does, no big deal, we can adjust. I can make his with almond milk or try that out as well. The reason for the coconut milk is the fat content. I don't think it tastes like coconut, but I'm not sure how he'll feel about it. Time will tell. Maybe he'll forget the ingredients and eat it and be happy.

  This week we started testing out MCT oil in our coffee instead of coconut oil. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against coconut or coconut oil. It's just that we were curious if there would be a taste difference with the coffee. We both prefer the taste with MCT oil. We both feel you can really taste the coffee better. I'm now more willing to try a dark roast once more, which he prefers. He has also removed the cinnamon from his coffee. I would be curious to try the same and see how I like it. He says he's able to taste the coffee and vanilla flavor much better.

  Cinnamon was put in the coffee because it's excellent at regulating blood sugar. I'm not sure we necessarily need it for that purpose any more. I would like to try it without and perhaps a little less and see if that makes a difference. I think that with a dark roast I may prefer it because the flavor tends to be slightly more bitter.

  I'm loving the having breakfast already made. It makes getting out the door less stressful in the morning. As I'm writing this, he's currently making up our next frittata. This time we are adding some mushrooms in the mix! I took the beef stroganoff we made with our Instant Pot with some cauliflower rice today. It was delicious. The Instant Pot makes the meat so tender. I can't wait to pick our next week fo recipes!

  Now it's time to relax and get some rest to get ready for Friday! Keep calm and keto on folks.