Day 105: Prep Work

  Well today we learned, as we knew, but apparently needed to be reminded that Costco on a Sunday is not a good idea. I went to brunch with my sister and sister-in law. It was delicious. Think I found a great keto option. I started feeling a bit wiped out so I'm wondering if some sneaky carbs got in.

  I didn't really get a chance to think about it since we had errands to do! First, we finally went and traded our PS3 in! We also grabbed some new games to play. From there, we went over to Costco. We almost always have a list when we go in because otherwise we could wander around for quite some time. We had picked our our meals already and knew exactly what we needed to get.

  Some items we don't get at Costco simply because we don't go through it fast enough and sometimes they don't have things we need. We had to stop at both Ralph's and Sprouts to get the remainder of the ingredients. 

  The meat we bought at Costco will last us quite some time. The ground beef was 4.5lbs and the beef stew meat was over 5lbs. We divided them into bags of 1lb, set out what we needed and then froze the rest. If the bags weren't 1lb, we grabbed a sharpie and wrote on them so we know. While people might think it's a lot, it's probably going to last us a month or so.

  We're going to be cooking through several of the cookbooks we have and I'm really excited about it. It has been hinted at that I may like to collect cookbooks. He would be correct. I may have added several to our wish list. I'm totally happy to add books to wish list and use the ones I have. 

  We made both an Instant Pot recipe and a non-Instant Pot recipe. The Instant Pot makes prep so easy. We made six days worth of meals. The Instant Pot recipe was Beef Stroganoff and the other was Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole. The serving size for the casserole in the book was for 4. It was a very high calorie base. There's nothing wrong with that at all, however, we enjoy our breakfast and bulletproof coffee, so we just changed the proportions. 

  You need to make keto work for you. We are eating two meals for the entirety of the week. We eat the same breakfast every day. We maybe switch up the meat with breakfast: bacon or sausage. We are going to try MCT Oil in our coffee instead of coconut oil. We are going to see if that tastes better.

  It's my turn to pick the type of coffee and we are going with Chocolate Caramel Brownie coffee. I'm a flavored coffee person. The dark roast is often too bitter for me. He likes darker, unflavored coffees better, but we trade off. We are hoping to find a good balance and find the right coffee we both agree on. We drink through all the coffee, but most of the time, one of us likes it better than the other. 

  We are still a team and figure it all out together. We each picked out a recipe for this week and while I did do the cooking this week, he portioned out the meals. It's about working together. Our kitchen doesn't really let us both be in there cooking at the same time, but we take turns and make it work. There's never a point where either of us think that one is doing more than the other. If we feel that way, we usually ask to help the other.

  Now to start the week! Keep calm and keto on folks!