Days 102 - 104: Fun Times

  Thursday night was a later night as I had a meeting after work. It was a pretty uneventful. Friday, we had some girls out of the office and it was a bit of a difficult day, but one easily recovered from. My worst day at this job has yet to come close to touching my worst day working in retail and a grocery store.

  Friday night we knew we had a busy morning before heading to a picnic Saturday early afternoon. We weren't sure what would be at the picnic keto food wise, so we made a Carlshead Pizza! We totally forgot about using a sauce so it was olive oil! It made the net carbs go down over all and gave it a very cheesy taste, which is not a bad thing!

  This morning was running around a bit crazy. I had a dentist appointment and we had to grab chairs to use for the picnic. Of course we left our coffee at home, but we did have time to come back and grab them. After the dentist, we headed to go pick up an x-pen to prepare for when we add a pupper to our life.

  We diligently plan for most things. I'm a little bit more meticulous, but that doesn't mean he's not. He just knows that I have to make the plan for everything and he 100% helps. We are 1010% a team. We just process things differently, but the differences help us see all angles and make sure that we solve the problem to where both of us are satisfied. It's so incredible to be in a relationship where its a true partnership.

  Tomorrow will mostly be spent at home organizing and cleaning. We need to make a Costco run. We have our list and we planned out our meals. Now it's time to shop and cook! Today at the picnic was so much fun! Looking forward to a bit of a calmer day tomorrow.