Day 71: Ready, Set, Prep!

  This morning I left my mom's and headed to work. I had breakfast there and had calculated out my macros for lunch pretty closely. I'm trying to cut down on dairy because it seems to make me bloat a bit. I'm not removing entirely, but if I can get my protein from food instead of a shake, I think that's a good place to start.

  Today went quickly at work, which is always a surprise, but I do enjoy being busy. I had plenty of time to have my food throughout the day. Sure, I know I don't have to eat snacks or a bunch of small meals, but to be honest, so far, fueling that way works well for me and keeps my energy consistent. If I'm going to switch over to a different way of eating, such as intermittent fasting, perhaps, I want to do some more research and perhaps make the switch on a weekend when me being at peak performance isn't necessary.

  Challenge camp was tough today. We now have medicine balls to use. It was back and shoulders day. It was definitely challenging. I'm glad to get back to it. We are talking about maybe designing a mini home gym as we have a fair bit of space in our living room. Nothing too big or crazy, but maybe some resistance bands, medicine balls, etc. Who knows?! It's all in the baby step thought processes.

  We don't really eat dinner. I often have something before I leave for work around 5pm. Latest 6pm. So I currently go from 5 or 6pm until 7:30am without eating. I'm not hungry. I'm not usually starving when I wake up. If I can bring down that window slowly, I may try. Maybe tomorrow I'll do my cut off at 4pm and see how that goes.

  As the weeks go on, I find myself less and less hungry. He noticed it right away, but for me it took several weeks. I'm still quite certain that's because I typically ate more sugar than he did so I believe that I had much higher glucose and insulin to begin with so it took me longer to use up those stores. It's just a theory.

  Tonight we decided to start work on not feeling so rushed in the morning. Now, if we need to, we can move in the morning, but we enjoy the time spent together. So tonight, we prepped our lunches for today. In fact, they're sitting in our fridge in our lunchboxes ready to go! He cooked the patties and I portioned the salmon. Then we bounced off each other to come up with the rest of what we would need for our macros. 

  We have spinach in the fridge we need to eat up, so we cooked that and added it as part of our meal. We typically cook our veggies in ghee or butter. Yummy! My boyfriend had a fantastic idea that we are going to implement next week. I leave Friday to go out of town for the weekend and so it may be easier to plan for the following week.

  His idea is to pick what we want as our main meal. This is typically lunch. We pretty much have the same breakfast everyday, but who knows, with this we may switch it up! Pick the meal and then plan everything else around it, instead of what we do now. We haven't been that thorough in planning meals, but we sort of pick and choose and play a game of Tetris trying to get it all together. I think this will make it much, much easier.

  I am feeling so much more relaxed now that our lunches are done. My challenge camp gear is by the door. I'm not going to be rushing to get it all together. My clothes are all laid out. I'm ready! Now, I just need to run the few errands that I need to before Friday and I'll be all set. I need to make a trip to get keto items for the trip. (That will certainly be a challenge). I also need to get a pair of flats for my outfit. Boring. Everything will get done in the next few days.

I really enjoy this keto kind of life.