Day 70: Final Move Done

   I didn't sleep much last night. Housesitting sometimes it takes a lot to sleep. The house makes a lot of noise and I am fairly jumpy (understatement). This doesn't quite lead to a restful sleep. I did wake up and start getting laundry done, which is always a good thing.

  I had my bacon and eggs for breakfast with bulletproof English Breakfast tea. Minus the coconut oil, as there isn't any here. It fueled me pretty well for the day. The first order of business after laundry was getting the last trip of things from my old apartment. Some things were taken to my mom's storage unit and others to her house.

  From the storage unit, we picked up my desk and file cabinet. I had picked up all of our current give away stuff and dropped it off here before getting everything loaded into the car. It was only one trip with the both of our cars to the storage unit and then to the house. These next few weekends are going to be packed for me, so I'm going to try to do some unpacking in the evening to get it sorted out.

  Lunch was creamy shrimp scampi leftovers. This was followed by more laundry and playing some games. I also made sure that the bird feeders were full. I was texting a friend and we ended up catching up over dinner at a Mediterranean place at the mall nearby. Such good food! I remembered to ask for no rice, but forgot to ask for no pita! No worries, I just didn't eat it. I don't like wasting food, but I'm also not going to eat something I don't want.

  Now it's time for bed. So much laundry done. My mom is letting us borrow/have her rolling shopping cart. Not sure that's the right term, but we only live about half a mile from Costco and Ralphs and such. We would rather try to walk and get exercise that way than to drive and park. Sometimes we will have to depending on what we need, but we have insulated bags so we should be good!

  Almost forgot to mention that after dinner my friend and I walked around Eataly. I’m definitely going to need to bring my boyfriend here for keto supplies! 

  Keep calm and keto on! I really do love this keto kind of life.