Day 68: Support Each Other

  Today is a tough day for my boyfriend. It's not my piece to tell, but seeing him so sad and knowing that there's not much I can do is very difficult for me. I want to make it better, as I'm sure we all do with our partners. 

  We had our delicious breakfast this morning. We've been adding salsa to our eggs in the morning. So delicious. Yes, I checked the carb and sugar content before we purchased. 2g carb and 1g sugar (guessing from the tomatoes) per 2 tablespoons. That serving is perfect for breakfast. 

  Today was rather uneventful. I did use my lunch break for a surprise for my boyfriend in hopes that it might brighten his day a little. I went to the comic book shop near work to pick up the Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle wedding comics. They happened to have every one. Arsenal Comics is fantastic and I'm sure they will get much more business going forward.

  I want to speak highly of their employees briefly. They were all so nice and helpful. I came in told them what I was looking for and they got everything for me. I asked questions about other items and they helped me with that. I felt like I was asking a stupid question and they didn't make me feel that way! Thanks guys! 

  I also had another surprise. My boyfriend is a huge Lobo fan. I purchased the Sideshow Sixth Scale piece for him. It was going to be a Halloween gift as that is his favorite holiday, but today seemed like a better idea. I didn't know if it would work or not, but I wanted to try.

  After work, I made a quick errand and then came home. I gave my boyfriend his gifts not knowing how he was going to receive them. It went so much better than expected. We have to stick together and support each other, even if we're not sure how that will go. Be thoughtful. Be present and do your best. 

  Keep calm and keto on folks and treat each other kindly.