Day 67: Walkabout

  We're still getting used to our routine in the morning. We are determining when we need to get up and when we need to leave the house. I think it will take some more adjustment. We can be fast moving people in the morning, but we aren't always. I'm confident we will figure it out.

  Tonight I'm feeling super bloated. Shark week isn't supposed to happen for another two weeks. I was doing some reading on the keto forums and looks like dairy might be the issue. Considering the amount of cheese that was on the pizza that we ate last night and then leftovers for lunch today, that's entirely possible.

  I did have some cheese as part of a snack. I'll try cutting down and see how that goes. It's nowhere near as horribly bloated as I used to get. It's still just not comfortable and I would really like to prevent it if at all possible.

  Some people on the forums were suggesting food allergies or sensitivities. The last test I had came back clear a few years ago, so I don't think it's that. I'll try cutting down on cheese and see if that helps the situation. 

  When we both were home from work we decided to walk over to the mall. I had to pick up some photos at Costco and we decided to wander. Then we decided to go for an impromptu date night and go see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I jumped. A lot. Good thing he finds it amusing. Now it's to watch a Disney movie before sleep so no bad dreams.

  Came home to find that my 2 Keto Dudes notebooks had arrived! I can get down to business and start my Primal Health Coach certification! Super excited. 

  I enjoy this keto kind of life.