Day 92: Recipe Gone Wrong

  Well, today started off well. I lost 2.6lbs in the last week. Some of that was muscle mass, but that's because I didn't workout at all last week. I need to add more activity back in, but we plan on doing that soon. I was worried that some of my not tracking and eating off schedule may have led to staying the same, but that didn't happen.

  My boyfriend has achieved 40lbs of weight loss in 92 days! I'm super impressed and proud of him! I've lost 13.8lbs in the last 92 days. I'm thrilled with both of our progresses. I'm not at all surprised by the gap in numbers. I have far less weight to lose. In the last week, I also lost an inch off my waist. I'll take it! We haven't done his measurements in a bit, we probably should.

  I went back to Challenge Camp after a crazy week last week. Felt good to be outside. Helped with the feeling of grogginess. I look forward to going back the rest of the week. I want to find the way to incorporate a small routine at home. I would like to add some more ab workouts in. I have 30 day challenges I can start as well. Now to plan them in!

  His mouth is still hurting him quite badly, but he seems to be doing better. We've got some soup left and I'm going to make another pot tomorrow. I needed to cook something for myself as well. I was planning on doing a Taco Soup recipe in the Instant Pot. Turns out I didn't have the right size instant pot for the recipe, so I modified it! The size we have is great, but it didn't have one of the settings and couldn't fit all the ingredients. No big deal.

  I labeled this recipe gone wrong because I don't do so well when I don't have a recipe to follow. I'm not one of those people that can make things up off the top of my head. Baking was always my strong suit as the recipe is precise. It's like a science. Cooking not so much. My boyfriend was there to help calm me as I was slightly panicking. 

  I'm calling it a chili, but there are no beans. It's bell pepper, onion, ground turkey, fire roasted tomatoes and some chicken broth. I added some garlic powder, salt, paprika and hot sauce to spice it up a bit. I plan on adding sour cream, cheese and some avocado to add extra fat and I think it will be delicious. 

  I look forward to trying more recipes in the Instant Pot. As the recipe is cooking, I can clean the kitchen or do other things around the apartment. It's great. We have two cookbooks to go through and I want to go checkout a few more. Not to mention the wealth of recipes on the internet.

  Time for bed. Keep calm and keto on.