Day 91: Unpacking & Organizing

  Today got off to an early start. That is good as I still have quite a bit to unpack. My boyfriend was still laid up in bed with the aftermath of his wisdom getting taken out. One side of his mouth is super swollen as some serious digging had to be done to get one of them out.

  Today I had a normal breakfast. He has been eating soup and I made some guacamole. He hasn't had a whole lot to eat, but he has been eating. My big breakfast with bulletproof coffee kept me going for most of the day.

  I had some of the guacamole with pork rinds later. I've been drinking plenty of water. I unpacked several bags and a big box. I also organized our file cabinet and together we hung up some of my hats. I may have a rather large hat collection.

  Yum. We had dessert tonight. It was Halo top Ice Cream Mochi Green Tea Flavor. He's a huge green tea fan and it was the best decision. It was delicious. For a treat every now and then, I think it will be an excellent decision. 

  Now it's time to relax and get some rest. Keep calm and keto on.