Days 89 & 90: 1 Month in Our Place

  Last night, once I got home from work, I crashed. I just sat in bed and played games on my iPad. I didn't want to cook. Didn't want to move. It was a very busy week at work, which is great. This is my first weekend at home since we moved in. I was at SDCC last weekend, in Virginia the weekend before that and housesitting the one before that.

  I am glad to be at home this weekend, especially since my boyfriend had to get two wisdom teeth taken out. They were both impacted and were causing other problems. It's good that he finally got them out so that he can make sure that more problems aren't caused. I have to say, I'm slightly disappointed that he isn't a bit more loopy as it would've been funny while watching Shark Week.

  To gear up for our appointments this morning, we were fairly snacky last night since we knew we wouldn't feel like eating. We almost never snack that much at night, but we were both feeling the urge to so, so we listened to our bodies.

  I had deep cleaning done on the left side of my mouth and head back in a week or two to get some things filled. I need to set up an appointment for a second opinion on whether I may or may not to get invisible braces to combat some jaw problems that I'm having an issue with. Hopefully there's a good solution.

  Today wasn't super eventful. We had the dentist, came back and crashed. In between coming back, however, I filled up my car, got a car wash and we dropped off his medications to be filled. Once the car wash was done, we were able to go grab his pain meds and antibiotics. He really needed the pain killers. There was a lot of digging to get things out.

  After my nap, I went out to get supplies to make some soups. He's not going to be able to eat solid foods for a few days, I'm guessing. Tonight was the loaded cauliflower soup. I used our instant pot to make it. While it was cooking, I was able to clean up. So very minimal clean up left to do.

  The soup is delicious! And since it uses the immersion blender, it's perfect for my boyfriend to eat with his sore mouth. Well, it's time to relax and watch Shark Week.