Day 88: Exhausted

  Today was a super busy day at work. I was absolutely wiped out and major brain fog when I was finished. There's a lot going on right now at work. Please don't take this for complaining. That's not what this is. It's just explaining why when I came home I really didn't want to do anything. I am so grateful my boyfriend suggested we get some top sirloin patties at Costco. Cooking was one thing I didn't want to do tonight.

  Keto tip: always have an easy to make back up plan. You may not want cook some nights. Have a back up that's easy to make. In fact, I think that's a good tip in general. There are going to be times when you're exhausted, but you're going to need lunch!

  I really don't have terribly much to report for today. We've upped the coconut oil and heavy cream in my bulletproof coffee because it's now in a 24oz mug instead of a 12oz. It has helped up the fat content and helps make me motor through the morning. We are trying to do better with eating windows. Well, I struggle more than he does.

  I have Dr. Jason Fung's book called The Obesity Code. That book is highly recommended by so many people. I'm planning on reading as much as possible as I can. I also have The Salt Fix to read and several books that I checked out on my Kindle from the library. First weekend at home is this weekend. Need to do some unpacking, some reading and relaxing.

  Keep calm and keto on folks.