Day 86: Revamp

  Well, after the weekend we've got to get right back to it with keto. I didn't break keto over the weekend, but so much snacking doesn't lead for a good weight loss. Now weight loss isn't the main reason I'm doing keto, but I would love to go down a bit more. 

  Today was a good day for macros. I went over 6g of protein, but I hit my fat perfectly and was net 5g carb. We recalculated our macros last night. Mine didn't change much at all and I'm not able to do anything other than steps of 5% as we aren't paying for premium. For my boyfriend, his protein macros went down, but his fat goal went up.

  Tomorrow makes 6 months together. We are going to go out to a restaurant tomorrow night. That just means that we need to plan accordingly. We are going to most likely get seafood. That means the meal will most likely be extremely heavy in protein, so I'm going to try and go heavey with the fat snacks. I'll probably just take an avocado. It's an excellent source of healthy fat.

  We will see how it goes, but we go out once a month and eat at home the rest of the time, so I don't worry about it too much. I have the felling that Saturday is going to be day of not eating terribly much as we both have dentist appointments in the morning.

  We did our Costco run today. We needed butter, vanilla, Propel and green tea. We also bought some sirloin patties, breakfast sausages, eggs, protein shakes and cheese. Yummy! 

  Keep calm and keto on!