Day 64: Adjusting

  Well today, was the first morning in our new place for getting ready for work. My boyfriend had to take his little sister to the airport early. I was left on my own to grab breakfast. Not a big deal, but I'm not the fastest mover in the morning. I did get the scale out and I went up almost 2lbs. 

  Am I surprised? Not really. My shark week was off last month and now I'm hoping it will go back to normal, so that may have something to do with it. Also, 0.6lbs was a gain in muscle mass, so that's great news! I went from 29.6% body fat to 30% even, so not a huge change. I knew that it would be off since we didn't do a lot of cooking ourselves the last several days.

  For the most part, everything we ate was all keto. My measurements made a dent thought, so that's great! I lost 2.5in on my bust. Some women complain about this, but I'm thrilled! 1in on my waist. 0.6in on my stomach. I gained 0.5in on my hips, not surprising with workout things I'm doing. Last, but not least, I lost 0.5in on my thighs. 

  Sure, I would have preferred to lose weight, but all things considered not a bad week. This morning I tested making our bulletproof coffee in our Ninja blender. Love it! Going to be my new method of making bulletproof from now on. I tested out our stove, which heats up really quickly. Note to self. I made egg whites with sausage. I put salsa on my eggs. So yummy. 

  Today for Challenge Camp, we all went to have sushi! Sushi and keto?! That's right! I started off with a seaweed salad and then ordered a roll that was wrapped in cucumber instead of rice and seaweed. So delicious and filling. Today was the first day that I didn't really feel hungry in between breakfast and lunch. I'm hoping I can keep this up. I was hungry when I got home and had some prosciutto wrapped around cheese as well as some macadamia nuts; but, I'm doing my best to follow the eat when you're hungry.

  That being said, I now need to go housesit for the evening. I don't particularly like it, mainly because the house makes a lot of noise, but you help your family if you can. The drive from our new house to my work is much easier. I can leave later, which means I can sleep in if I want to. I'm hoping to keep this time getting up and perhaps go to the gym in the morning here. We will see how it all goes!

  I got in one of the keto instant pot cookbooks. So far I like it, but I really wish more of them would say exactly how big a serving is vs serves 6. Pet peeve of mine. Can't wait to test it out! We have to pick out a recipe and go with it! So excited! 

  Keep calm & keto on my friends!