Day 80: Wiped Out

  Today I was super groggy and tired for a good chunk of the day. I have the feeling that this has something to do with jet lag. I wasn't gone long, so that seems like it shouldn't be an option, but not sure I can think of much else. Although, I'm having a hard time getting sleepy. I don't drink caffeine after about 10am at the latest, so that shouldn't be it.

  Today I took a break from challenge camp because I was so wiped. I'm sure doing some exercise may have helped, but I simply didn't feel like it. I'm trying to give myself more rest. The stuffed peppers we made last night are delicious! Paired with half an avocado for more fat. Yummy!

  I had ordered pork rinds as a snack. Both for myself and for this coming weekend. They came in today! Epic makes the best pork rinds we've had so far. We have another bag to try as well, from a different company. I look forward to trying them. We are trying new flavors Maple Bacon and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

  After work, I stopped by Trader Joe's to get some more snacks as well. Kale chips, broccoli crisps, cheese crips and some jerky. I think they will all do well this weekend. The kitchen is clean and now it's just time to get some rest.

  Keep calm and keto on.