Day 78: Back To It

  Today was back to the grind with keto. It was weigh in time. I was a bit nervous, but considering I ate a great deal of cheese and it's now shark week, I was expecting a gain. I did gain, but not as much as I was expecting. I went up 0.2lbs. I can live with that. None of my other percentages really changed, so that's great.

  Back to having delicious breakfast with boyfriend and taking bulletproof coffee to work. It was back to challenge camp today. Our fearless leader keeps finding new ways to torment us. It was chest day today with resistance bands and medicine balls. I survived. 

  Lunch was a top sirloin burger with smoked salmon and cream cheese. To clarify, the burger was eaten first and I combined the other two. My snacks were peanut butter with chia and flax seeds and some salami. I need to get back to staying more hydrated, but when you're on the phone consistently it does make it difficult.

  My bug bites are driving me bonkers. Luckily, there was some anti-itch cream in the first aid kit at work. I 100% went to look and see and was very happy with what I found. Hopefully they calm down soon.

  My goal of trying to stop eating by 4pm didn't work today either. Peanut butter as a snack makes it slightly more challenging as it's not an easy snack between calls. Have to make sure that things aren't back to back or you can't talk to well. 

  Tonight we finally went to see Incredibles 2. It was amazing! We both loved it. Our impromptu date nights have been fabulous so far! Not that I really expected them to be any other way. Now it's time to try and get some sleep.