Day 73: Forgotten Lunch & Keto Calculators

  So, after doing all that awesome prep work last night, I totally forgot my lunch at home this morning! That's the first time I've done that. I was left with two choices. I could go buy lunch or I could do Challenge Camp during lunch and use what's provided to us in my office to satisfy my hunger. 

  I chose to do Challenge Camp. About 30 mins before camp, I had a 10 min break and went into our break room. There was a half an avocado there calling my name! (Our break room has fresh fruits, sparkling water, almond milk & a freezer full of item to make smoothies & much more!) I ate the avocado, did challenge camp 30 mins later and then made a smoothie after.

  My smoothie consisted of unsweetened almond milk, 2 tablespoons of almond butter, 2 teaspoons chia seeds, 1 tablespoon MCT oil, 4 frozen strawberries and maybe a 1/4 cup of blueberries. I was going to attempt not to eat for the rest of the day after this, so I wasn't too concerned about what the balance was. MCT oil and almond butter helped with fat and protein. I didn't go crazy with the berries, especially since I hadn't eaten any since we started.

  The smoothie was delicious and filling. I'm sure you are wondering why no protein powder? Well, simply the one available to me was made from brown rice protein. I may consider finding an alternate one and bringing it if smoothies are going to become a thing. I don't really plan on making them one, but maybe something to look at anyways.

  I've done pretty well today with all this. I surprised even myself. I didn't feel lightheaded or starving or any of the things I thought I might feel. I did add salt to my smoothie and to on of my sparkling waters to help with that balance. 

  At least my lunch is prepped for tomorrow, right?!

  As I've mentioned numerous times, I'm catching up with the 2 Keto Dudes Podcast. I am currently in February of 2018. I've noticed that the dudes in the last few episodes have been what some may call disparaging of keto calculators.

  Now, while I do understand some of their points, I think they're missing out on the value that this provides as a tool. I use a keto calculator to calculate our macros. I am an extremely linear and logical person and I function best in situations where I have clear guidelines. Yup, that's why keto could be a challenge for me since of a lot of it is about learning to recognize signals from your body.

  Forget who the dudes quoted as saying this, but it can take 6 months to a year to be able to consistently recognize your satiety signal. Insulin blocks that signal from functioning properly. (Please don't quote me on any of this as most of this is based off memory, but I do plan on reading all the recommended books from the podcast and many others).

  I use the macros calculated from the keto calculator as a base line. It helps me structure my food and make sure that I'm getting what I feel is enough. I don't particularly look at the calories as a guide, but they are there just in case. While my hunger has greatly decreased, I am still hungry far more often than my boyfriend and usually mostly in the beginning of the day to the early afternoon.

  I have zero issue adjusting to an eating window. At this point, I know that it is entirely possible. I currently have on reserve Jason Fung's Obesity Code book at the library, both digitally and hard copy. Waiting for it to come in so I can dive in deep and learn so much more about all this! 

  My boyfriend uses the macros that I calculate for him as a base. He is often not hungry and will occasionally bring home food. His satiety signal seems to be working much better than mine. I think that so long as the calculated macros are not a crutch, that it's a useful tool until your satiety signal is functioning properly.

  I am 100% sure I will continue to use one. Whether I adjust them every week or two weeks, I don't know. What I do know is that as I become adjusted to this keto kind of life, the signals I get I listen to. Pepperoni making me drool? Probably need some. Mozzarella cheese looking irresistible? Go ahead and have some! Do I worry about it messing up the macros? No! 

  My body is starting to crave the things it needs to feel satiated. I'm doing my best to listen. The calculator is merely a tool to help me achieve balance. I do not use it as an absolute. I use it as a guide or a suggestion like they do with the Pirate's Code (for anyone who has seen Curse of the Black Pearl.)

  Keep calm and keto on folks! Use a calculator or don't. Do what feels best and right to you. My experiences are what work best for me and may not work for you. Experiment. Fail. Experiment again. You'll get there!