Day 72: Weekend Prep

  This weekend I head to Virginia for my grandfather's memorial service. I'm happy to be able to see family, but at the same time I really have no idea what's going to happen with food. I grabbed snacks for the plane. Sure, I know snacks aren't required, but for the flights I wanted something. They only offer to have you buy food and I would prefer not to eat airline food.

  I grabbed some pork rinds and meat snacks. We are planning on making some zucchini parmesan chips and some cheese crisps as well. I'm curious to see what food will be offered. I will stay keto. The few times I've had items I didn't know weren't keto, I did not feel good. I don't want to spend the weekend feeling that way.

  Work ran a little late because there was a lot to do! I was trying to stop eating around 4pm today, but that didn't happen with how busy work was today. I'm going to try again for tomorrow! Challenge camp was definitely challenging. Medicine balls and resistance bands for leg day!

  After work, I headed over to the library by our house. I wanted to get a new library card. I was able to get a new one! Turns out there's an app where you can download e-books from the library and read via your Kindle. You bet I'm signed up for that! I'm on the Wait List for several books, but I managed to download 3 to my device.

  After that, came home and grabbed my boyfriend. Headed to go find me some shoes for this weekend. Then it was to Sprouts and Ralphs to grab snacks and some food essentials. I'm super excited to try the coffee we picked out! It sounds delicious! We needed more macadamia nuts and I've gotten him hooked on eating salsa on our egg whites. 

  I almost forgot! I weighed in today! I lost 3.6lbs today! It's the second highest weight loss I've had this whole time. I was pretty surprised. I went down 0.9% body fat. My inches didn't really change. All in all a good last week.

   Now it's to try and get some sleep for tomorrow. I just don't seem to be getting tired at night.

  This keto kind of life suits me.