Day 42: Errands

  Well, it's my first weekend day off, without requesting it, in years. Of course, it's spent doing necessary errands. We did sleep in some this morning, but then it was go go go. My boyfriend does his grandmother's shopping on the weekends, well when he has days off, which is now the weekend. So grandma was our first stop. We park at the store, walk to the apartment and then walk back.

  The shopping is usually heavy, so we then load up the car and drive it back to drop off. I really am so lucky. He's such a thoughtful and caring man. After that, we ran to my other job to grab some boxes to help pack up my apartment. Then it was going to my place of work that I recently left to grab my final paycheck. 

  After this we swung by the house to grab a snack before heading back out. From there we went to the mall and I bought some clothes, a Funko Pop, some hats and he needed a belt. Then we headed to grab some athletic shoes. We are ready to start working out, but lacked the proper footwear. Now we are good to go.

  Breakfast is really the only meal we ate today. By the time we were at our last stop both of us could feel the hangry starting to kick in. The minute we came back home we started making our fathead pizza for dinner. Soooo good. We snacked a bit on some of the ingredients while we were waiting.  I think this is the best one we've done. 

  We seasoned the crust with garlic salt, oregano, matcha infused sea salt and 21 Seasoning Salute (Trader Joe's). We used Alfredo Sauce as the base. Then mozzarella shredded cheese and grated cheddar. We actually added some sliced mozzarella as well. The meats were prosciutto, salami and pepperoni. Just what we needed for dinner. Two slices of the 8 per each one of us is all we needed. 

  The rest of the evening is relaxing and playing games. Can't wait for a day of doing not much of anything tomorrow.