Day 40: Good News!

  Today was a good day. I found out I won a contest at work to go see The Wrath of Khan with a talk by William Shatner afterward! Super exciting. Now to find some Star Trek things to wear...Side note, I have seen many episodes from many Star Trek seasons, but there may be some binge watching this weekend.

  The second awesome thing was finding out that we were approved for the apartment that we wanted! We are so excited! That takes a lot of pressure off trying to find a place. Fairly certain most people are alright with the search, but it's the packing and moving that are not fun. I have been trying to pack over the last month or so and get rid of a lot of stuff. Going pretty well so far. 

  I tend to collect things. Clothes. Hats. Figures. I would say you name it, I collect it, but that's not quite true. I have specific things I like. I try and limit myself. I have sold off quite a few things and definitely take a lot of give away bags to my mom. We are both trying to pare down for the move. I'm sure a lot of things (mainly of mine) will be gone through when we unpack.

  I don't see the point in unpacking a box and then repacking it. The good news is, those boxes that haven't been unpacked in about a year probably don't need to be kept. It will be nice to organize our home together. I will be definitely be documenting setting up our keto kitchen! We will be stocking our fridge, freezer and pantry with yummy keto goodness. Can't wait!

  We are thinking about doing a house warming once everything is set up and making a bunch of keto food for our friends to taste. This way we make sure that the food provided is "safe" for us to eat. The dudes on 2 Keto Dudes talk a lot about kitchen gadgets as medical expenses. We've definitely set up a wish list of what gadgets we want in our kitchen. (We do plan on sharing this list with family and friends should they be interested.)

  The other piece of good news was that I hit my macros! 108g of protein (107g goal). 107g fat (103g) goal. 15g net carbs. 3g sugar. Well, we didn't plan out our meals for tomorrow, but we did put some fish in the fridge to defrost so we can make it for lunches tomorrow. This weekend we will be preparing meals for the week and getting reorganized. It will be a lot of fun!

  I was at my place packing up and was a little light headed. It was hot and I was a little sweaty. I made sure to have an electrolyte water when I got home to help. It certainly did. I became a little too involved in playing some games and that's why this post is later than normal. Goodnight everyone! Keep calm and keto on!