Day 39: Relax

  Last night, we planned out our food for today. I ate things out of order, but that doesn't really matter. The order isn't important. I had to take a phone call during my lunch and the only way to do that was to take some of my "snacks" to eat during that time since I didn't think I would get time for my real "meal".

  It's interesting to hear about how so many people aren't hungry. I'm still waiting for that. My macros are on point. I'm trending in the right direction. There's nothing to stress about that I'm not feeling the same as other people. Sometimes you have to just relax.

  Today was stressful. Work actually helped. I was able to distract myself from what had to be done. It's not a situation that particularly applies to keto, but I think keto is helping me not be so upset about it. I think it helps level out my mood a lot more than I thought it could.

  Right now I'm just relaxing. I need to. If you're feeling like relaxing, then relax. Keto isn't supposed to be hard. The 2 Keto Dudes talked about a post someone made on their ketogenic forum saying all the books make it look so hard. You don't need to do those meal plans. Don't get me wrong, they're great. I hope that my boyfriend and I can start cooking some of those recipes, but I doubt we will follow that to a letter.

  I think it's becoming easier to listen to my body. Not having a third job is making it easier to get rest. I look forward to my first full weekend off. There's not too much else to report for today. (Missing photos of the protein shake and the pork rinds.)