Day 38: Impromptu Date Night

  Today was a pretty good day. I hit all my macros. I had 8g net carbs. 105g of fat (goal 104g) and 112g of protein (goal 108g). Only 4g of sugar. There was plenty of food to eat. With the new schedule at work, we are go go go the whole time. This isn't a bad thing, just means harder to make sure to have snacks at times I've been eating. But, I am following the eat when you're hungry and not eat to eat. That has been working better.

  My boyfriend is still having difficulty hitting his macros. He just doesn't get all that hungry. We're working on figuring it out. We planned out our meals for tomorrow. It's a lot of food. We will see how we handle it. I'm going to try and take photos of everything I am eating. We are super, super close to another non-scale victory, fitting into a smaller pair of jeans! I am super close and he is pretty much in them.

  Tonight I needed a little bit of a pick me up for something that's about to happen. (Nothing to worry about, but it's just a little stressful & not work related). We decided to have an impromptu date night and go play mini golf. It was a lot of fun. It was the exact thing that I needed. 

  There's really not all that much else to report. We are still waiting to hear about our apartment. Keep your fingers crossed for us!