Day 37: Measurements

  Today was a weigh in day. I went up 0.2lbs and my boyfriend went down 2.4lbs. I think the little blip off the keto path set me back a bit further than I reckoned. It was also the last weekend of working my 3rd job and I've gone 36 days with only 1 day off. I think stress may be a big part of it.

  There is some good news though! Since the last time I did my measurements, my bust went down by 0.5in and my hips went down by 1in. If anyone is curious, the 0.5in difference in my bust is the difference between a DDD and a large DD. The DDD is now too big!!! My measurement around my stomach went up, but I gain muscle pretty quickly, so hoping that it's that.

  Really starting to feel the itch to workout. We may be getting some workout shoes this weekend. We will probably go for some walks this weekend, but most of this coming weekend is going to be relaxing since it's my first weekend off in who knows how long. I'm very much looking forward to it.

  I did very well on my macros today. Goal was 106g protein. I ate 137g. Goal is 20g net carbs. I ate 13g. Trying to limit sugar and I only had 4g today. Fat goal was 102g and I ate 105g. So all in all a good day. If you're curious at what that is for food, here's the breakdown:

Breakfast: 100% Liquid Egg Whites (6tbsp), Dry Rubbed All Natural Uncured Bacon (2 slices), 0.5oz Shredded Mozzarella Cheese, Bulletproof Coffee (12oz Coffee, 1tbsp heavy cream, 1tbsp coconut oil, 1/2tsp pumpkin pie spice & 2tbsp salted butter)

Snack #1: Propel, 84g Tuna with 5.5tbsp of Chunky Spicy Gucamole

Lunch: Bacon Broccoli Cheddar Chicken with cauliflower rice

Snack #2 (Spread out): Propel, 84g Tuna with 5.5tbsp of Chunky Spicy Gucamole & protein shake

Dinner: 1oz Triple Creme Brie

  We haven't been feeling all that hungry at night, so we aren't forcing ourselves to eat. Tonight I planned out my tomorrow. I packed my snacks ahead of time. I should hopefully have an easier time getting out the door tomorrow. Dishes are done. Coffee is set. Fingers crossed, not running as far behind as I was today. I wasn't late to work, but I don't like cutting it that close. And 100% my fault.

  Well, I've attached some yummy food photos and it's time for bed!