Day 36: End of an Era

  So, today was the last day for me at one of the jobs. It was bittersweet. I have moved on to the perfect job for me. I am sad to leave my friends behind. My bosses were great and the crew over all was wonderful.  I was with the company for over a year. 

  I am really looking forward to having weekends off. I'm looking forward to cooking keto with my boyfriend and starting all the activities we want to do. I bought both of us hockey skates so that we can learn to skate together. We both want to go hiking and starting working out together.

  Last night we submitted an application to an apartment and finalized details of it today. Fingers crossed. We really liked the place and to get this sorted out now would be fantastic. We are really looking forward to setting up our own home together.

  Today was getting back to keto. I think it might take my body another day or two to adjust. I still felted bloated when I got home. I ate keto all day today. Breakfast was egg whites with mozzarella cheese and bacon. On the way to work I had my bulletproof coffee. First snack was some guacamole with turkey breast.

  Lunch was a salmon burger with guacamole. I didn't end up having another snack. I wasn't hungry. We didn't really have dinner because we weren't hungry. I had a protein shake and some pumpkin mousse. I was trying to get closer to hitting my macros. Much closer to hitting fat than hitting protein. In fact, I think the mousse may have gotten me to my fat macros.

  There's really not all that much else to report. My electrolyte water really helped and then I had a another electrolyte water. One is closer to a sports drink than the other, but they both helped me feel better and become hydrated. Tomorrow should be even better. Tonight my head and jaw aren't hutting as much, which is fantastic.