Day 35: Recovering

  So today was a challenging day. The step away from keto night before last, as it's now 1am, really took its toll. This is combined with having 1 day off in the last 34. A very terrible combination indeed. 

  We aren't always the best at getting going in the morning. Especially on a day that we get to sleep in together. Today/yesterday was supposed to be a very busy day. We were going to do quite a lot of apartment hunting, but we got to the first place, loved it and then went to one more for good measure.

  We didn't really have much of a breakfast. We brought chia pudding with us. My headache from the previous night was still there, as well as my jaw hurting. I clench my jaw when I sleep. My stress goes to my shoulders and to my jaw. My jaw hasn't been hurting since we started keto. 

  Tonight was the first time in a long time that I was bloated. It's pretty clear that our sidestep has caused a lot of issues that went away to come back. It was so bad earlier that we had to come back home after seeing two apartments because I felt the "carb flu". I took a two hour rest/nap when we got home. It helped quite a bit.

  My boyfriend was having stomach issues and we had to make a pit stop in the middle of our hunt. This actually turned out alright. I went into a frame store. We ended up walking out with 12 frames. The stores are going out of business. Huge sale. Got frames for most of my Star Wars prints from celebration last year and for our lovely Lady and the Tramp piece from Disneyland.

  After the nap, we snacked on smoked salmon and cream cheese. Made me feel a lot better. On the way to work, I ate macadamia nuts. As a snack at work I had salami and cheese. All the fat and protein made me fell much, much better. Now after filling out the application (fingers crossed!) we are going to crash.