Days 60-63: Planning & Moving

   Well, Thursday was fairly uneventful. I did plan out all my macros and then we took his younger brother to Chipotle for dinner. Am I worried? Nope! Friday and Saturday are going to be a lot of activity with moving. Challenge camp, on Thursday, of course was push ups and chest and arms. We had a lizard join us for part of our activities. See photos below.  

  This weekend may be slightly challenging with food, but I think we will manage just fine. We are going to have to do a Costco stock up trip soon. There are food and apartment essentials we need. 

  After work on Thursday, I dropped a load off at the new place and then we had dinner. This post might be a bit all over the place since without access to wifi and my service not working well, I haven't had time to write it all out and post until now.

  Let's see, Friday was the start of our move days. We were up at a fairly reasonable time because my boyfriend and his brother were headed to our place to wait for the internet dude to come and set up our wifi. As usual, the time frame was from 9am-1pm. The tech came at 12pm. 

  Now, during that time I made 2 complete trips from my old apartment to our new place. The boys helped me unload and I did the rest. Now to put in perspective the amount of exercise, my old apartment is 3 flights up with no elevator and no air conditioning of any kind. We had already moved several of my heavier boxes on Wednesday and Thursday, so the majority of what was left, I could pick up on my own.

  My boyfriend doesn't get to see his siblings very often, so I was glad we found a way to have him spend more time while still getting things done. By the time the internet was set up, we had one more trip left of things that needed to go from my old place here. It filled up my car and his car. There is one trip remaining, but that's the trip being taken to my mom's storage unit.

  After we got all my stuff in, we got cleaned up and headed to Ikea for a bunch of stuff that we needed. None of us had been into the huge new Ikea in Burbank. It was quite the experience. We even tested our their restaurant! Delicious!

  Saturday morning we were up a little bit earlier, I was busily finishing laundry and his old place hoping to get it all done. (Didn't happen.) The house had laundry in it and our complex doesn't have it in unit. That is one thing I wish we had, but to be honest, it's not worth the amount of price difference for some places. I love our new place. 

  Saturday was when he had his mom and step-dad bring his step-dad's truck down to help move the big things from his house: bed, bookcases, mini fridge, etc. So helpful! They are being super kind and loaning us their love seat until we get a couch for the living room. They also surprised us by giving us an Instant Pot as a housewarming present! I totally squeaked out of excitement. 

  It was something I was really hoping to get and such a generous gift. I am so grateful. I have already ordered two Keto Instant Pot books and plan on getting a lot of use out of it. I think it's going to make our lives so much easier. 

  Saturday after getting everything done, and while we waited for sheets in the dryer, we ran errands. We went to Petco and Target. My fish Namor passed away Saturday morning. It was heartbreaking. Since my junior year at college, I've always had a betta. I bought Namor November 2016. 

  I went to the pet store to pick up things to set up the tank for the next fish. Thank you to my friend Brian for his excellent recommendations. We took a look at the bettas because I knew we'd get another one. We knew his name was going to be Arthur Curry aka Aquaman. My betta names are usually themed. For a long time they were mythological names. Mainly Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. I've had a Doctor. Now I'm on super hero names.

  I wasn't planning on finding a fish, but I found my Arthur. He's the perfect colors for his namesake. His tank has been immaculately cleaned.  It's now all set up with the water purified and cleaned of toxins and the filter running. I'll let it get all set up for about 24 hours, check the pH and then add my fish fish.

  Saturday night was his brother's last night here with us. He text some family to come join us for dinner. We went to Something's Fishy. Soooo good. We are grateful that his brother was such a good sport and helped us move. Next time we owe him some much more exciting activities. 

  Today, we all went out to breakfast. We went to a popular chain and ordered omelets, to find out that they use a small amount of pancake batter in the omelet to fluff it up. They also accidentally put some hash browns into my boyfriend's omelet. The batter and the mix up definitely hit us hard today.

  We dropped his brother off at the airport and then did some more errands to pick up a few things we realized we needed. Hopefully, there's not too many more little things that we need to grab. For example, we needed something to stop the door from hitting the wall and we needed a small trash can for the bedroom.

  After errands, we came home and relaxed for a bit. We are doing our best to listen to our bodies. We wanted to get unpacking done, but we were both feeling exhausted. After resting for an hour or so, we got up and started unpacking. I think we achieved quite a bit today.

  After breakfast, we didn't really have all that much to eat. We stopped by and picked up some pork rinds and guacamole fixings. We had several ripe avocados which needed to be eaten so they didn't get trashed. He's really not a big fan of avocados or guacamole, but I also knew that he'd tell me if he couldn't eat it. He's good at telling me in a polite fashion if he doesn't like something. 

  I'm 100% of with that. I would rather know so that I don't make it for him again and so that he doesn't get something he won't eat. I don't take it personally and he's nice about letting me know. Although, it really hasn't happened yet. It has been discussed and I'm willing to be a little sad to make sure that he actually wants to eat something lol.

  It's now time to get some sleep and see what my drive to work from our new place is like! He'll crash out once he brings his sister back from the airport to spend the night.