Day 59: Keys!

  My boyfriend picked up the keys to our apartment on his lunch break! We went over after work and took over the first two loads of stuff! It's really exciting. I'm also stressing out quite a bit. My mind is much calmer, but I can still feel it racing. 

  I always overthink everything. It's just how I am. Being hyper planned out helps and somehow doesn't seem to drive him totally crazy. I think he understands that right now this is the best way to keep me moving forward. 

  While I don't necessarily have a time limit on getting things out of my apartment, as my roommates are staying, I also don't want to drag it out too long. That will keep my stress level high. It's unfortunate that his brother will be with us for the weekend and we have to move. I'm not at all upset that he's here. I'm disappointed that we don't have a greater ability to do more things with him besides move. 

  I know this couldn't really be helped and was all a matter of timing, but right now I simply can't grasp not using all available time to move. We will see how the days progress and I'm truly hoping we have some free time. I would be fine with my boyfriend going off to spend time with him if I still needed to move things. Most things I can lift in my place, so it won't be a problem. 

  I wish I could just stop overthinking and go with the flow. I get tired of people telling me just do it. (He has never said that to me for the record). It's not that simple. Keto keeps me calmer and able to process all the information faster, which in turn does help me calm down faster.

  I snapped a photo of the paleo chicken sausages we found at Costco. They are delicious. Costco really has been a go to for a lot of staples. I am soooo excited to make our keto kitchen! We get to have our own fridge, and cabinets. I can't wait to fill it all with keto food & kitchen gadgets!

  At work today, they brought in vegan donuts. I took a photo of those too. I didn't eat any. Didn't feel like trying any. Wasn't tempted to try any. I did the challenge camp today, which is a good workout as always. After unloading at our place. We made a quick grocery store trip for some necessities. Then it was back here to load my car again and get lunch together. Now it's time for bed.