Day 58: T-Minus 1

  Tomorrow we get our keys! It's crazy! I can't believe it. While we have been essentially living together since January, this our first place together. Yes, yes I know I keep mentioning this and sound like a broken record; however, it's a pretty big deal.

  I'm not nervous about it. I'm confident that whatever things we discover about each other we will be able to work through together. Sure, I've felt this way before, but at this point we've gone through 5 months of virtually no disagreements. The fact that I can't even bring one to mind says a lot. 

  After work, I came back home and grabbed my boyfriend. We then went to my apartment and loaded up my car. The first load of my stuff is in the car and ready to be dropped at our apartment. I'm really excited. 

  While it has been a bit more of a balancing act, I have managed to hit my macros the last few days and tomorrow is looking good as well. I think the stress of moving is making me feel hungrier than normal, but it passes and is nowhere near as bad as it was when I was switching over. 

  That's really all I've got to report for now! Keep calm and keto on!