Day 57: T-Minus 2

  We have two days until we get the keys to our new place on Wednesday. I'm both excited and stressed out. But for me, I'm a calm stressed out. Not sure that makes sense; but, while I am stressed, I'm not hyperventilating. I'm not having a panic attack. I'm able to think through what is going on and continue to be productive while freaking out.

  That may not seem like much, but in actuality it's a huge non-scale victory. Now my boyfriend has never seen me super stressed because we've been on keto for a large chunk of our relationship. One of my best friends, however, mentioned how calm I am the other day. Now, I don't think it's just keto, but I do think my diet is a huge factor. My boyfriend, being who he is, manages to keep me calm without trying.

  This morning was a bit stressful. With everything out of sorts from preparing to move, we didn't quite have everything for our breakfast routine. The roommates have their immersion blender and mine is in a box somewhere. Well not somewhere, I have one giant kitchen tub that has pretty much everything in it. We just haven't gotten it out yet. That certainly made doing bulletproof coffee interesting this morning. Didn't quite blend as well as I would have liked, but still delicious.

  I made my boyfriend make me breakfast since the thought of trying to do keto through a drive through, while possible doesn't sound fun. I appreciate that he's so willing to cater to me. It makes things easier for me. I know that sounds a bit selfish, but I would do the same for him and I think right now I'm way more stressed out than he is.

  We managed to throw a lunch together today. Macros weren't perfect, but I think this week is going to be more difficult with the move. We went shopping at Costco to grab a few essentials. We purchased protein shakes, smoked salmon, frozen hamburgers and macadamia nuts. All keto staples. 

  After that it was coming "home" to pack and organize. We did laundry and packed clothes. We accomplished a fair amount that needed to be accomplished. Now it's time for sleep. I have the feeling that there will be many late nights this week.