Day 55 & 56: Move Part 1 & Brother Visit

  Well it has been a busy two days. My boyfriend's brother came into town Friday night. He's here for tennis camp. Saturday was move part 1. It was taking my old bed back to my mom's storage unit as well as taking donations to my mom's house. May seem odd to take donations there and not straight to the place, but mom actually gets credit if she takes things in.

  Saturday morning, it was getting up to get the cars packed up to take donations and mattresses, etc. I was pretty hungry and we needed to fuel ourself before a long day. We create our own omelets for breakfast. The look of shock on the server's face when we said no toast or pancakes, etc was a bit amusing. 

  After doing those errands, came back and relaxed for a bit. Then I went to Chipotle to get dinner before heading off to work an event. Chipotle salads are delicious. I had double meat: steak and carnitas. Guacamole was my dressing. I added cheese as well as sour cream. So delicious!

  I got home around midnight and then this morning it was back at it. We did the grocery shopping for my boyfriend's grandmother. I was staring to get really peckish so we grabbed some pork rinds from the grocery store before going to In-N-Out for lunch. Then we dropped off his brother at tennis camp. 

  After that it was running errands. We didn't really want to do them, but we were picking up things for our new apartment. We got great deals on silverware, pots, knives and other set up items that we need for our new place. All purchases were mutual decisions. If there was something we both didn't like then we didn't get it.

  All in all we've spent less than $100 (and a chunk of that was on a gift card I had) purchasing things to set up our home. Our dinner was a sausage before we raced out to a Star Trek event. I's now time for sleep.