Day 54: Stress

  So, as I've mentioned several times, we are getting ready to move. We pick up the keys to OUR new place on Wednesday. I said OUR that way because it's our first place. We've essentially been staying with each other, or more accurately, I've been staying with him since January. His roommates are moving out, for various reasons and none of them issues between them. We decided it was time to grab our own place.

  Now, no one likes moving that I know of. I am excited to be moving into our own place together. I'm actually 99% prepared for this move. I planned out about an hour of packing each night over almost two weeks to prepare. Tomorrow is the first round of moving things. I am taking mattresses to my mom's storage unit that are hers and dropping off a whole bunch of stuff to donate.

  I could donate it, but I don't really get that much credit since I don't make that much money. Happy to take it to mom for her to get the credit. It's a small thing to do. I don't think she's expecting as much stuff as I'm bringing tomorrow, but we will see how that goes. 

  I get really stressed out with things like this and tend to over plan and over think everything. In this case, I think the over planning might be beneficial as I'm actually pretty much entirely packed for the first time ever. My boyfriend has been a huge help in helping me decide what I actually need to keep and what I don't. I need help big time with things like that. I am sure that there's more to go through, but we will do it as soon as we start unpacking. For a first round I did pretty well.

  I really do think keto helps with the mood. I'm stressed, but I'm not freaking out over things as I used to. It does help that my boyfriend manages to keep me calm as well by taking care of everything while I'm getting distracted by 800 other things. He made me breakfast this morning, packed my lunch and made my coffee. I really don't think I could stay so put together without him. I'm super lucky. 

  Right now, I'm also super tired. It was a very busy and stressful day at work. I'm pretty wiped from the packing, work and trying to make sure everything is going to plan. I know that I can calm down a bit and that my boyfriend will help me get it all sorted, but it's just how I work. Believe it or not this is calm for me. Have a great night folks!